Tweet of the day, The Answer Is “Because @PPAct Is A Democratic Crony” edition.

I mean, it’s obvious, right?

This is how you make money in crony capitalism: you know somebody who looks the other way when you pay artificially low, and sell artificially high. In this case, the government was covering both ends, and all Planned Parenthood had to do was keep the pills rolling. Great work if you can get it, huh? …And the taxpayer pays for the scam.

Some people just don’t want to admit that Rolling Stone simply done wrong.

So the University of Virginia Phi Kappa Psi fraternity chapter is suing Rolling Stone to the tune of $25 million dollars, thanks to that retracted story that accused the fraternity of a gang rape and cover-up. Not unexpected, that. And certainly not unreasonable.

Speaking of “not unexpected,” check out this snapshot of reactions from Memeorandum:

rolling stone

Quick: which one of those three is a Gawker property? Yup! Jezebel. Although the usual reek of decay and curdled resentment probably gave it away, there.

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane’s (D) on-again, off-again blame-the-victim tactics in rape lawsuit.


Here are the facts, which are not in dispute: in 2013 a woman employed as a typist at Pennsylvania’s Rockview State Prison was brutally raped by Omar Best, a man with a long and vicious history of previous violent assault and rape convictions. After Best’s conviction – he’s serving a life sentence for this, because apparently we just can’t hang serial rapists anymore and then go home to our dinners – the victim proceeded to sue everyone involved, both individually and collectively. There’s considerable evidence that PA’s Department of Corrections, both individually and collectively, put the victim at extreme risks, over her explicit objections; so you’d think that the state would settle, right?

Well… turns out that the Attorney General’s office is an elected position, and the Democrat who runs it – Kathleen Kane – runs an interesting kind of shop out there. Oh, and before we go any further: I’m telling you that Kane is a Democrat because, apparently, nobody else will.  Anyway, on Tuesday it came out that the AG’s office decided to base its defense of the DoC on the novel strategy of blaming the victim for getting raped: Continue reading Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane’s (D) on-again, off-again blame-the-victim tactics in rape lawsuit.