In the Mail: League of Dragons.

Naomi Novik’s last alt-history-Napoleonic-War-with-combat-dragons Temeraire novel. Dammit.  I remember when the series first came out: they dropped at least the first two books, and maybe the first three, all at the same time.  Gutsy move, but it worked: I read the first one, rushed back to the store to get the next one(s) – then realized, horrified, that I was going to have to wait for more Temeraire books from here on out.

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Book of the Week: League of Dragons.

I want, and do not want Naomi Novik’s League of Dragons to come out.  I want it to come out because it is a Temeraire novel (which is to say, a military historical novel about dragons in Napoleonic-era England and the British aerial corps that takes them to war); but I do not want it to come out because then the series will be finished.  Patrick O’Brian had this problem himself, as I recall.  Patrick O’Brian would have also loved this series.

And so, adieu to Flashman and the Mountain of Light.  I also think that George MacDonald Fraser would have enjoyed this series, but a good deal more gruffly.