In The E-Mail: David Drake’s ‘Though Hell Should Bar The Way.’

Though Hell Should Bar The Way is David Drake’s latest entry in the Leary/Mundy series; it’s also an EARC, because as usual Baen is wise to assume that I’m willing to pay hardcover prices to read certain books a few months early. For those unfamiliar with the setting: space navy combat in a far-future where the heroes are much nicer than the star nation that they work for, which is likewise much nicer than the other star nations out there, and David Drake is unsentimental generally when it comes to politics and statecraft.  It’s all very pre-Reform Act England mixed with the Roman Republic, and quite entertaining. Hence my buying it in EARC form.

Oh, bless you Baen Ebooks…

…for your ARC drops today. Ring of Fire IV, a book short stories in John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising series, and a new Leary-Mundy book from David Drake.  It’s like the publisher knew that February was pure Hell on Earth for me. Or that I’m still going to be white-knuckling March.