Hey, remember ‘liberaltarianism?’

Yeah, turns out that it was Newspeak for ‘libertarians can call themselves what they like, as long as they vote for progressives.’  As soon as the 2010 election results came in that was out, and spitting on libertarians was in.

No, really.

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#rsrh Out: liberaltarianism. In: libertarian centrism!

(Via Instapundit) Oh, God, not this again.

Reason has an interesting debate on the question of libertarian political strategy. Should libertarians seek to forge an alliance with conservatives or liberals or neither? Conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg and Tea Party leader Matt Kibbe argue for reconsituting the libertarian-conservative coalition that was badly frayed if not completely severed during the Bush years. Cato Institute scholar Brink Lindsey argues against that view. Although I am much closer to Lindsey’s political views than Goldberg’s, I find myself agreeing somewhat more with Goldberg’s position in this particular debate.

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Yeah, some people are still trying to revive that one.

Professor Bainbridge (via Instapundit) is having fun with demolishing this one by bringing up public sector unions, and why the Democrats won’t abandon them for libertarian votes. It’s a perfectly good practical observation, but I’d like to kick liberaltarianism right in its fundamental principles, so here goes:

What, precisely, is the liberaltarian response to health care? Putting only one-twelfth of the US economy under government control?

Thanks, I’m here all week! Tip your waiter! …until the beginning of the next fiscal quarter, when the new federal guidelines on compulsory nondiscriminatory automatic gratuity surcharges on all waitperson-customer interactions go into effect.

Moe Lane

PS: The fact that you were worried there for a second that there might actually be new federal guidelines goes a long way towards proving my point.

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