LIBRE and media bias.

Just a reminder about what media bias looks like. This is the Washington Post’s description of LIBRE, an avowedly conservative/libertarian group that works on outreach to Latinos.

For Republicans, the road to warming the hearts and winning the votes of Latinos may begin at a Las Vegas flea market.

On a recent morning, inside the Eastern Indoor Swapmeet Las Vegas, a group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers helped 250 Latinos — some of them illegal immigrants — pass the Nevada driver’s test.

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LIBRE smacks HuffPo back on Latino outreach.

So, let me set the background, here.  The Huffington Post decided last week to run a hit piece (the lack of link is deliberate, and meant as an insult) on the LIBRE Initiative, which is a Spanish-language activist group that is also big on small-government conservatism (full disclosure: my friend/former RedState colleague Brian Faughnan happens to works for them). This sort of thing infuriates the (largely white) progressive leadership cadre, mostly because said leadership cadre has written for themselves a wonderful narrative where they’ve selflessly taken up the White Enlightened Man’s Person’s Burden to ward and foster and nurture all those disadvantaged Persons of Color.


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LIBRE Initiative running $700K ad buy in Arizona.

See, this is the real reason why the Democrats hate the Koch brothers: they like to give money to people who have gotten addicted to this entire “rush of oxygen to the brain” thing. Case in point: “The LIBRE Initiative, an arm of the Koch network aimed at appealing to Hispanic voters, will begin running $700,000 in ads critical of Reps. Ron Barber (D) and Ann Kirkpatrick (D) over Obamacare…” Here’s one of the ads:

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This half-despairing statement from a Florida physician will break your heart. #obamacare

LIBRE has put out this ad out against Joe Garcia in Florida. You see, Rep. Garcia – when he’s not hiring chiefs of staff who later get convicted for election fraud – has been recently trying to quietly distance himself from Obamacare.  Presumably this has been because Obamacare has been generally awful… and awful and arrogantly dismissive of Latino voters. So LIBRE has set up The Accountability Project:

“This law does not put patients first,” the physician, Grazie Pozo Christie, says in the ad. “My patients ask if I will continue to provide care for them, and it pains me to say, ‘I don’t have an answer.’”

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