#rsrh Lisa Heinzerling forced out of EPA?

Well, it’s not like what Donald Rumsfeld leaving SecDef after 2006 was for the Left, but watching a hard Greenie like Lisa Heinzerling leave her position in the wake of the Great Shellacking is pretty good:

Lisa Heinzerling, the head of EPA’s policy office, will return to her position as a Georgetown University law professor at the end of the year, said EPA spokesman Brendan Gilfillan.

Within EPA, Heinzerling is one of the more dogmatic proponents of regulating greenhouse gases to the maximum extent possible under the Clean Air Act.

Via Hot Air: Ed wonders whether Heinzerling left under her own power, or was pushed. I’m guessing pushed: hardcore religious fanatics like Heinzerling are typically uninterested in being team players.  In a way, it’s a shame: watching her try to explain to an unsympathetic House investigation committee about why it’s suddenly necessary for the government to have regulatory power over our exhalations would have been fun to see.  Which is probably why the administration made her position carbon-neutral, the cowards.

Moe Lane