Book of the Week: ‘Live Free or Die: Troy Rising I.”

I got sucked into John Ringo’s Troy Rising series again somehow, and have been reading it all week. Live Free or Die: Troy Rising I is, obviously, the first one in the seri… you’ve already read it, haven’t you?  Yeah, you’ve probably already read it.  Sorry, but this is what I got.  If it’s any help, it’s rather good.

And so, adieu to The Invisible Library.

Just finished reading ‘Live Free or Die.’

Live Free Or Die (Troy Rising) amused me not least for the fact that when I checked it out of the library* I had no idea that it was a probably-end-up-being-canon prehistory of the Schlock Mercenary universe. If you don’t know what that webcomic is: well, like John Ringo I’ll wait for you to get caught up.

Pack a lunch.

Moe Lane

*Stay-at-home dad now, remember?  So if that moves you to pity, hey, there’s always the tip jar