#RSRH Right, that Lockerbie [redacted] isn’t dying.

Yeah, so I saw this – on CNN, actually (it was what was playing at the Mickey Dee’s where we stopped for emergency fries-and-diaper change):

A cancer expert whose medical assessment of the Lockerbie bomber helped lead to his early release has been quoted as saying the Libyan could live for another 10 years.


[Karol] Sikora is cited as saying: “It is embarrassing that he’s gone on for so long.”

No, it’s embarrassing that we and the Brits let this terrorist go free.  The term that Dr. Sikora needs to be using is ‘damning.’

Which I use in its theological sense.

Lockerbie bomber not actually gone.

News that he was gone (Via Fausta) turns out to have been premature:

Fears over the whereabouts of the Lockerbie bomber have been put to rest after British officials spoke to him at his home in Tripoli.

Local authority staff from the East Renfrewshire Council had been concerned after attempts to contact Abdel Baset al-Megrahi failed yesterday.

… but I’d still like to point out that the murderous scumbag is supposed to be dead by now. His ‘three months to live‘ expired a month ago, and while I’m not the sort to wish a terminal illness on anyone I can’t help but notice that this guy is apparently pretty spry for somebody supposedly in the last stages of prostate cancer.  Funny how that happens, yes?

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Libyans shopped around for favorable Lockerbie diagnosis?

I was looking for a palate cleanser, I swear.  Something nice and non-political.  Relaxing.  But Fark Geek had to spoil it for me:

Libya paid doctors who said Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi had three months to live

The Libyan government paid British doctors for medical advice which could have helped bring about the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Cancer specialist Karol Sikora and two others received £100 an hour to consider how long they believed Abdelbaset Al Megrahi had to live.

Professor Sikora admitted yesterday that although he initially thought Megrahi could live for as long as 18 months, he was ‘encouraged’ to conclude he would die from prostate cancer within three months.

This is important as it is the amount of time under which Scottish law allows someone to be freed on compassionate grounds.

I don’t know why I’m surprised at this – anymore that I was surprised that the administration was fully kept up to date on the terrorist’s release (although Allahpundit’s reaction is more or less mine on that).  But I am.

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Sometimes, I miss Tony Blair.

Say what you like about the man – and there is quite a lot to say about him – but he and his government had precisely zero interest in letting the Lockerbie bomber walk free under the open sky. Even if doing so might have meant holding up an important oil deal:

During Blair’s 2007 visit, BP signed its exploration deal with Libya’s National Oil Corporation. “This is a welcome return to the country and represents a significant opportunity for both BP and Libya to deliver our long-term growth aspirations,” said Tony Hayward, BP group chief executive, who signed the contract with Blair looking on.

The prisoner transfer agreement — and specifically the fate of Megrahi — were inextricably linked with the BP deal. Six months after Blair’s trip, and with Gordon Brown in No 10, the Libyans were frustrated that the prisoner transfer agreement had not even been drafted. The BP contract was also waiting to be ratified.

The key reason for the delay in the prisoner transfer agreement was Megrahi. Lord Falconer, who was Blair’s justice secretary, had told the Scottish government in a letter on June 22, 2007 that “any prisoner transfer agreement with Libya could not cover al-Megrahi”.

(H/T AoSHQ) The Brown government (which took power five days later) was… somewhat easier to persuade. While they attempted to take the same line that Blair did, the Libyans were able to get them to back off on keeping Megrahi from even being considered for prisoner transfer; and shortly thereafter, BP got its contract.  Continue reading Sometimes, I miss Tony Blair.

Gadhafi’s revenge on the UK continues.

Hey, remember when people like him were too scared of people like us to try to play games like this?

Britain under pressure amid Lockerbie release

LONDON – Britain’s leaders faced strong pressure Saturday to account for any role they might have had in the release of the Lockerbie bomber after Moammar Gadhafi credited senior British officials and members of the royal family for influencing the decision.


Libyan television showed pictures of Gadhafi singling out British Prime Minister Gordon Brown by name, as well as “the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, and Prince Andrew, who all contributed to encouraging the Scottish government to take this historic and courageous decision, despite the obstacles.”

Mind you, this is the guy who couldn’t make nice fast enough, once we yanked Saddam Hussein out of his spider-hole.  So what happened?



Never mind…

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