NBC interviews Evander Holyfield by accident.

Personally, I think that it’s just funny: the show needed some man-in-the-street shots, Holyfield happened to be there (for the Olympics, presumably: the man is an Olympic medalist), nobody noticed it until Holyfield pointed it out.  I’m getting the impression that Holyfield himself found it funny to be incognito, as it were.  Or perhaps just relaxing.  Not that I’ll ever know what it’s like to be a former heavyweight champion, of course.

Via Ace of Spades Headlines.

#OWS Occupy London Stock Exchange not showing up on standard thermal scans.

It’s the funniest thing.  You know Western civilization?  That patriarchal, logocentric, heteronormative collection of imperial hubris, Gaeacidal ideology, facist-capitalist-authoritarian economics, and war-worshipping mindset that continually oppresses the organizationally challenged and seeks to dismiss the concerns of the differently-paradigmed?  Yeah, those folks.  You know what their phallocentric engineer-destroyers have been doing while more enlightened people have been conducting on-street seminars on the inherent privilege found in semiotic analysis of protest communication – at least, said analysis that is insufficiently diverse so as to accept the profound meaning implied by unconstrained grammar and nonrestricted spelling*?   Can you guess?

Well, I’ll tell you: they went out and invented thermal imaging. Which is, of course, something that lets you look at a bunch of tents and determine whether they’ve got people in them or not. In fact, London’s Daily Mail sent out a person with a thermal imaging camera to Occupy London Stock Exchange late one night and discovered that the answer was mostly not: Continue reading #OWS Occupy London Stock Exchange not showing up on standard thermal scans.