Michelle Obama calls ‘Bruce Bailey’ (D-CAND, Iowa Senate) a ‘Marine.’

Full disclosure: I feel awful today.  Vaguely half-nauseous, having what we will gently call ‘digestive issues,’ generally logy and possibly congested: it seemed like an excellent time to take it easy.  It would take a definite electoral disaster to pierce this fog of illness, in short.

And Michelle Obama delivered.

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Yeah, yeah, I know…

…it’s mean-spirited of me to taunt evangelical/hard-shelled/obnoxious atheists like I’ve been doing.  Particularly since I know that the ones I’m taunting absolutely hate being reminded that they’re a somewhat unsophisticated religion masquerading as an inexorably rational end product of flawless classical logic.  On the other hand, they’re a damned easy target and God/Goddess/[insert pantheon here] knows that evangelical atheists aren’t shy about mocking rival faiths themselves.

On the gripping hand, what I said earlier still applies: if you can’t deal (via @adamsbaldwin) with the concept that a bunch of Marines could make and erect a memorial cross on public property… well, that’s your religious crisis, not mine.  I mean, everybody grapples with their faith occasionally: it’s just that most of us (and that includes most atheists) don’t start lawsuits to shut up the little internal voice of doubt…

Moe Lane

PS: I think monetizing this would annoy certain people. So: