This Iowa caucus has been a DISASTER!!!!!

…Martin O’Malley’s dropping out of the race.  Arrgh!  Now he’ll come back to Maryland and stick around!  This is not fair!  This is so totally not fair!  I demand that they recount the Iowa returns!


Martin O’Malley confirms that he won’t be the VICE Presidential candidate, either.

This is classic O’Malley. To wit: the pontification of a man so desperate to be seen as relevant that he is willing to douse himself in flammable stupid, then strike a match.

…It’s not every day that you see a former governor of a reasonably important state announce that the time for monarchy in America had finally come. How do I put this gently? OK, I’ve got it: THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO STRIKE OUT ENTIRE AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION, YOU DAFT IDJIT.

Ladies and gentlemen: witness the inevitable end-result of a one-party state! Don’t let this happen to yours.

Why *do* kiddie porn users try to work for political campaigns, anyway?

Don’t these people understand that their mere existence will taint their candidates, once they’re caught? Here’s a case in point: “The Virginia campaign chairman for Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley has been arrested on federal child pornography charges.” Obviously, Gov. O’Malley has nothing to do with this guy’s alleged crimes; but he’s still now got to spend valuable time apologizing and distancing himself from an alleged monster. Note that I’m not even going to make a joke here, because it would be unkind in a fashion that O’Malley didn’t really earn.

I just don’t get how those people think, I guess.

Martin O’Malley’s futile pander to Big Corn’s Renewable Fuel Standard.

Futile because Martin O’Malley’s not winning Iowa anyway. Or the nomination. Or a “Where Are They Now?” competition, come to think of it.  Seriously, what was the point of him pandering on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) last month?

On the Democratic side, Martin O’Malley indicated his support during his announcement tour in Des Moines this weekend. “It’d be my hope that we continue to keep a high, renewable fuel standard, and that we move into celluosic fuels,” O’Malley told a crowd of Democratic activists. “The best way to do that is to keep the standard high. When you lower it, it creates all sorts of uncertainty about policy and direction.”

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Martin O’Malley, blatant Confederate rhetoric hypocrite.

Hey, I am not the one who set these rules, dig it?

As God is my witness, today was the first that I had heard of this issue involving “Maryland My Maryland,” which is Maryland’s official song.

Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, who has sought to draw attention to his presidential bid by urging South Carolina to retire the Confederate battle flag, presided over a state for eight years whose official song expresses Confederate sympathies.


The song, with lyrics dating to the beginning of the Civil War, contains a plea for Maryland, a border state, to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy. In some verses rarely performed these days, President Abraham Lincoln is referred to as “the despot” and “the tyrant,” while the Union is called “Northern scum.”

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The sixth – and only, really – thing you need to know about Martin O’Malley.

These five things about the former Maryland governor and current Democratic primary candidate for President are… interesting enough, I suppose.  But it pales in comparison to the sixth thing you need to know about Martin O’Malley, which is this: he will be spending most of the next year in places that are not in Maryland.  This will please a remarkable number of people in Maryland, on both sides of the aisle.

Oh, wait: most of my readers don’t live in Maryland.  Well… I’m sorry? Mind you, I’d normally say ‘sucks to be you!’ – but I’m fighting a fever and I don’t know if saying that would be appropriate.

Martin O’Malley embraces his Baltimore albatross.

No! Really? Do tell:

No Democrat is having a harder time moving away from the tough-on-crime 90s than former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, whose potential presidential campaign has been plagued in the last week by questions over his policing policies as mayor of Baltimore. On Sunday, O’Malley continued to defend his record and said Baltimore would be the setting of his presidential campaign announcement if he decides to run.

The brutal truth of things is this: being tough on crime does indeed work.  If you are tough. Rudy Giuliani could make the streets safer in NYC because he had the grit to see the job done. Martin O’Malley just knew what were the things that one said, and when was the statistically best time to say them.  You simply cannot expect better from a progressive Democratic executive; which is what you get in Martin O’Malley, so that’s convenient, at least. Continue reading Martin O’Malley embraces his Baltimore albatross.

Martin O’Malley is about to meet his destiny. At relativistic speeds.

I don’t really expect Martin O’Malley to win the Democratic nomination for President. But there’s an upside to this: “Hillary Clinton’s top potential challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination has taken his most direct policy shots at the former secretary of state since her campaign for the White House began, calling out Clinton by name for what he all but called a flip-flop on marriage equality and immigration reform.” Speaking as a Marylander who had to live under this dude’s tenure for eight years: there’s a part of me that is going to enjoy watching progressive Democrats dutifully destroy O’Malley because he has dared disrupt the Narrative. It will be painful. It will be slow.  And, in the end, Martin O’Malley will have to thank them for the privilege of being eviscerated.


The Clinton machine threatens Martin O’Malley. Note the choice of subject noun.

This passage is even more revealing than it appears:

Recently, a representative from the Hillary Clinton camp delivered a message to Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland governor preparing to challenge Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

I have some good news and some bad news, the messenger said.

What’s the good news? asked O’Malley.

The good news is we’re taking you seriously, the messenger answered. And the bad news is … we’re taking you seriously.

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