Tweet of the Day, Best. Belated Christmas Present. EVER. edition.

It was a good day. It was a very good day. Here. Buy something to commemorate it.

So, went to the Newseum today.

What possessed my kid’s school to schedule a field trip on Halloween I’ll never know.  On the other hand, it had a piece of the Berlin Wall (and an East German guard tower), which I actually wanted to see.  And on the gripping hand, I took the opportunity to get a little counter-programming in on the Cold War.  Nothing too heavy-handed, of course.  But it’s never too early to let kids know the truth about Soviet Communism*.

Moe Lane

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Tweet of the Day, @tedcruz Represents On Dirty, Filthy Communism edition.

Damn straight they did.

DAMN straight they did.

Delicious vicious revenge: Commie site getting smacked by copyright law.

It’s not irony because capitalism is supposed to make communism eat the pavement.  It deserves to, because capitalism is better than communism:

A radical publishing house, called Lawrence & Wishart, who at one time was connected to Great Britain’s Communist Party, is demanding the removal from the Marxists Internet Archive of the “Marx-Engels Collected Works”—hardcover books that sell for up to $50 a pop.

The archive has posted a message to its readers informing them that Lawrence & Wishart’s material will be removed April 30.

[Links removed because Marxism sucks. – ML]

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You want a socialist flag?

Fine. Here’s a God-damned socialist flag for you:


Tells you everything that you need to know about both Marxism-Leninism, and the weak sisters that don’t quite dare live up to its vision.

Background here and here.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I figure that my kids’ grammar school teachers are just going to love me.  Time honored tradition in my family, time honored tradition.

#rsrh …”The Little Blue Book?” This title isn’t just a framing FAIL, George Lakoff.

This is a framing critical fumble with double zeros on the Critical Fumble Results chart.  Zombie rips apart this book with his(?) usual aplomb, but let me be more minimalist about it: if I was going to mock a book written by George Lakoff (who is, of course, the head gold-Rolls-Royce-owner of the progressive ‘framing’ cult) then I would have snottily suggested to him that “The Little Blue Book” – with all of its resonance with Chairman Mao* – would have been a much better and accurate title than whatever Lakoff had come up with.  And yet… he picked it.   Reality defeats me, yet again.

And these people wonder why framing doesn’t work.

Moe Lane

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#rsrh Has the Communist Party of China lost the Mandate of Heaven?

Yes, I’m only asking this to f*ck with the ChiComs.

China’s censors blocked access to the term “Shanghai stock market” on popular microblogs on Monday after the index fell a bizarre 64.89 points on the anniversary of the bloody June 4, 1989, crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square.

In another twist, the Shanghai Composite Index opened at 2346.98 points on the 23rd anniversary of the killings. The numbers 46.98 are June 4, 1989, backwards.

Now ask me why I should care if the ChiComs get upset about me f*cking with them.

Moe Lane