Tweet of the Day, Mazel Tov, @mkhammer edition.

Yeah, yeah, so I’m not Jewish. I grew up in New Jersey: Yiddish was just… there, you know what I mean? I think I’ve said it before, but it shocked the life out of me when I moved and discovered that not every town had its own synagogue.


Congrats, Mary Katharine!

Red Eye goes off on the Playboy Rape List.

Which is frankly what I’m just going to call it from now on, because that’s what it was. Anyway, they brought in Mary Katharine Ham in the first part:

…and she had some rather pointed and cognent comments on why this was merely a difference in degree, not in kind, for conservative not-white-males. Which is only to be expected: it’s MKH, and she’s one of our best. The rest of the video… well, I think that Greg Gutfeld should have pushed back a little on the stuff that Gregg Jarrett was saying. Two wrongs don’t make a right, even when the one wrong is very large and the other one is very small. Nonetheless, watch the whole thing: it’s rude to Playboy, in precisely the way that the company deserves.

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