#rsrh The ‘Stache showing support for Mattie Fein.

Just got the word today.  Mattie Fein is, of course, the Republican candidate in CA-36; the ‘Stache is, of course, John Bolton, who is probably the only US Ambassador to the UN who ever wanted to start his tenure there by dousing the foundations with gasoline, then lighting a match*.  At any rate, he’ll be there next week to do a campaign breakfast for Mattie**… and possibly cause Jane Harman to implode in pure shame for how far she has fallen from the high places of the Earth.

Moe Lane

*Personally, I’d use a professional demolition crew and make a proper job of it.  Which would include a camera crew to go through the place and show 9/11 Troofers what a building wired for controlled demolition looks like on the inside.

**Not exactly sure how this works; you can contact the Fein campaign here if you have any questions.

Meet Mattie Fein (R CAND, CA-36).

Mattie is running in Jane “Wasn’t Newsweek sweet to write that about me” Harman’s seat, which is one of those seats that reminds you that ‘Democratic hawk politician’ is about as much an oxymoron as ‘conservative Democratic politician’ is. Mattie had a bit to say about that, and the seat in general:

Mattie’s site is here: I would also like to note that this particular district is heavily dependent on the aerospace and defense industries, which means of course that it’s getting hammered by this administration’s changed priorities. That makes it perhaps a little more vulnerable than one might think.

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