It’s getting easier and easier for non-professional studios to get to ‘Ehh. I can’t really tell the difference’ TV/movie production values. BUCKETHEADS is operating at, what, 1998, 2002 AD-style special effects? That’s easily enough, for what they need to produce. The next step for them is to get enough money to be able to hire professional actors, and then hey, presto! They’ve got a film company. With probably considerably less overhead.

Mind you, at that point they’re gonna need to get their own IPs.

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May the Fourth be with you.

As is traditional to note on this day. Of course, ‘tradition’ is a slippery concept, here. Anyway, we’ve moved away from rumors that a remake of KOTOR might be in the works to rumors that the upcoming KOTOR will be an action RPG instead of a turn-based one. Which would definitely argue against them just re-porting the game to modern consoles*.

So, hey! Actual Star Wars news that you might care about! Awesome!

Moe Lane

*I also wonder how much cut content they’d officially put into a re-port ofd KOTOR II. After all, there was a team of people already doing it for them.

May the Fourth Be With You.

I think that the entertainment industry may be pushing this particular ‘holiday’ a bit, but what the heck. The pun made me laugh, the first time I heard it. Also, Disney is dropping the last episode of Clone Wars today, which will make my wife happy. I was idly wondering this morning what that show would have looked like if they hadn’t made the prequels: I suspect that it would have been better for everybody all around.

Tied for the best May The Fourth Be With You offerings I’ve seen today.

The more I look at this, the more I appreciate the levels of “sit on it and rotate” that this transformation entails.

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