Quote of the Day, …What Laws Were Being Broken? edition.

I mean real laws, not ‘do not bathe your mule in a bathtub’ laws. From Canada:

A MPF officer, while travelling on KG Hwy, observed an ATV that was towing a couch, with two males sitting on the couch, going through the drive through at MacDonald’s restaurant. As the MPF officer approached, the ATV fled from the drive trough and managed to cross the highway then it ventured onto the frozen Miramichi River. The two couch passengers (aged 28 & 39) who were intoxicated were left behind and were arrested. This ATV was located later in the day and was seized. This matter is still under investigation. Court charges are pending.

I mean, as PhantomSway noted: the guys in the couches were wearing helmets. That’s pretty safe, right?


McDonald’s giving away bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce.

This is, frankly, kind of awesome. Also, kind of annoying. The odds that my local Scotsman’s is going to have a supply of this stuff to hand out is frankly nil.

Tweet of the Day, Behold The End Result Of Minimum Wage Laws edition.

Mickey Dees creating self-serve coffee kiosks.

Also, contra the article: actually, yes, this is TOTALLY about eliminating jobs in response to an imposed hike to the minimum wage. And coffee is a large part of the Scotsman’s business model. Or at least it was when I was a spatula serf; I can’t imagine that things have changed that much since then…

Vandals attack, deface, then wreck statue outside of children’s charity.

Some people shouldn’t get into this entire protest thing.

On three separate nights this month, vandals irreparably damaged the smiling Ronald McDonald statue that sat outside the Ronald McDonald House in Burlington, Vermont.

“Isn’t this sad?” said Kristine Bickford, the house’s executive director, as she showed the ruined fiberglass body of the famous clown.

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Gah. Haven’t worked for the Scotsman in twenty years…

…and yet the urge to jump over the counter and fix this horribly bad register line nearly overpowered me. I can visibly see the three things wrong with the way that the manager is running the store, starting with the fact that s/he’s hiding in the back.

Of course, the fourth problem – the Mickey Dees is understaffed – is beyond my powers. And it’s only going to get worse next year, thanks to Obamacare. Seventh and last, franchises simply don’t have the profit margin that Democratic activists (who largely avoid working retail) think that they do.  Don’t say we didn’t warn people…

Moe Lane

#rsrh The Lefty War on ALEC.

I’m not exactly a fan of Bill O’Reilly, but I share in his disapproval of this attack against the American Legislative Exchange Council by the shadowy group Color of Change.

Particularly since I’m a McDonalds’ stockholder myself. It’s not that groups like Color of Change are being activists when they attack groups like ALEC; it’s that they’re being hypocritical activists. You’d think that a group from the side of the spectrum that is supposedly so big on transparency would be more transparent about their own funding.

The new @McDonalds online Monopoly game is kind of dumb.

I retain a certain fondness for the Scotsman, and I always liked their annual Monopoly-themed prize contest.  The last online one that they had was kind of fun, too: you got to move your piece around the board and not win anything past some downloads and other junk like that, but it was at least giving the illusion that you were playing a game.  Contrasted to that, just picking one card out of three is a kind of lame way to not win anything.  I probably won’t even bother to keep the pieces, this time around.

Honestly, McDonald’s is usually better at this sort of promotion.  What happened?