Pew polling results: American public thinks Barack Obama MEANS well…

…they’re just increasingly thinking that maybe he’s not capable of getting the job done.


From 77% to 56% for “A strong leader;” and from 70% to 49% for “Able to get things done.”  But Obama’s still in there swinging! …Bless his heart.

Seriously, this is kind of damning.  Although not as damning as it will be in two years, when the guy’s in FULL lame-duck mode and his staff discovers that the media will be in full 2016 election mode.  I’m hoping for Full Metal Petulance, myself.

Tweet of the Day, I’m Sure Obama MEANS Well On The Economy edition.

Iowahawk noticed the exact same thing that I did.

George W. Bush’s highest unemployment rate was 7.8%. Barack Obama’s lowest rate, to date, is 7.9%.  Unlike many people out there, I think that Barack Obama tried very hard to get that rate down and did the best job that he was capable of, but it was apparently just too hard for him to personally manage.  I think that it’s time that somebody else got a shot at it.

Moe Lane

PS: Getting 171K jobs was  a good thing, of course.  We should always thank people for their efforts.

#rsrh Here, let me FIFY, Hot Air Headlines.

This official Obama for America Tumbler entry – a picture of Obama wearing a Captain America cowl – got the coveted ‘Dude‘ from Hot Air Headlines for sheer what-universe-is-that-from?, but I felt that the original still lacked something.

There.  Much better.  Not to mention, more accurate on at least two levels.

Moe Lane

PS: Please note for the record that the “Hi, I’m a doofus!” look was unchanged from the original.  Bit of a subconscious admission there, I hope.