Kind of a weird day today.

Tried to get to a movie, but there was a scheduling bobble and it didn’t happen. On the other hand, it was a beautiful day and I was able to restart the story, so that’s good. I’m also hoping to get considerably more writing in this weekend.

Oh, and the new chapbook’s out, but I’m not gonna nag people about it. [EDIT: …Much.]

So, did anything… *happen*, today?

I mean, I was more or less productive, on my own. I just can’t find anything to write about. Maybe it’s because of the new year?

…Oh! I did get the DIFFERENT TROUBLE supplement for Greg Stolze’s Termination Shock space RPG. It’s all about aliens! And how hard it is to roleplay them. It’s pretty nifty. So, you know: there’s that.

It has been the kind of day…

…where I discovered, at 11:30 PM, that the actual problem that I was having all day long was that I hadn’t had a beer. Seriously. I can feel the health bar going up from yellow to green as we speak. And I don’t even want another one*.

Weird. But a productive day, too.

Moe Lane

*I’d worry about wanting this one, except that I bought that particular six-pack a few weeks ago and it might last until September. Having kids really cut into my professional drinking, you know what I mean?

This has not been the best day.

Various grownup-type stuff and worries going around today*, the five hundred words I wrote this evening turned out to be kind of crap when I looked at them again, and the feedback in the short story rejection email I got yesterday was much more painful when I looked at it again this afternoon. Some days are good days, some days are not. This was not the best day.

Eh. December, I guess. Maybe I should get a sun lamp.

Moe Lane

*Nothing medical. Or, really, more than painassery, compared to other people’s problems.

Yeah, I got nothing.

Spent a lot of this morning staring at the baronial newsletter, trying to see last-minute errors. Found enough of them to justify the practice, but it’s still kind of nerve-wracking to do one of these. I mean, going outside of my comfort zone was one of the reasons why I signed up to do the newsletters, but still. The fact is, I’m outside of my comfort zone.

Anyway, between that and the alternate timeline I tossed together I can’t think of anything to write about, or up. No reason to keep spinning my wheels on this…

Yeah, that was an experiment.

I needed to jump-start my creativity a little, so I found a random idea generator [dunno why the link didn’t take, sorry] and just kept clicking at random until I had three things that looked like they’d be amusing to write.  …Worked out all right, I guess, but maybe it worked out no better than being ‘serviceable.’ I guess I’ll try it again sometime and see if it works better then.