Tweet of the Day, Turns Out Michael Moore DID Do Something Useful, Once edition.

And it was pretty dang useful, at that.

To quote the philosopher: oft evil will evil mar.

#rsrh @MMFlint is still alive?

Sorry if I sound confused, but this is the most media attention that the man’s gotten in the last year or so.  Which is why he’s now a shill for Obama, I guess.  I am told* that quitting media attention cold turkey is a heck of a thing, and that it’s worse when it’s involuntary…

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, Mikey, in case you haven’t heard: Scott Walker won the recall, so he’s still the governor of Wisconsin. Were you involved in that, on the other side?  I ask because if you were, it didn’t exactly make the news.

*Not that I’d know. Or want to know. And those grapes were probably sour anyway.

…Crud. [UPDATED]

I had to pull the post that was here originally: it turns out that it was based on an article that relied on the illegal dissemination of material declared classified by the US government (the article was from a foreign paper, which gives them some cover).  That’s the annoying thing about Wikileaks and other anti-American organizations; they taint everything that they touch.

Moe Lane

PS: Shoot, I don’t even feel comfortable offering hints.

[Update]: On the other hand, if the person involved is claiming that Wikileaks is publishing faked classified material, well

Althouse’s distressing Michael Moore observation.

(Via Instapundit) No, really: I hate guessing wrong. Anyway, while I share Ann’s distress I’m not surprised by what apparently provoked it. I’ve been reading about conspiracy thinking and secret societies for some time now; and as I’ve noted in the past if you’re not careful you can very, very easily end up being that person who accosts other people in the street, grabs their sleeves, and starts talking about the Jews.

Usually without quite making eye contact.

Moe Lane

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