Mike Ditka endorses Da Bruce (R CAND) for Illinois-GOV.

It’s illustrative that when Pat Quinn’s campaign wanted to push back on Mike Ditka endorsing Bruce Rauner for Illinois governor…


..they didn’t say a word about Ditka. And here’s the thing: Mike Ditka endorsed Pat Quinn in 2010.  This is an endorsement that Quinn wanted.  The campaign can’t be happy that Ditka has since switched his support back to the GOP. Continue reading Mike Ditka endorses Da Bruce (R CAND) for Illinois-GOV.

Yes, Mike Ditka, you should have run for the Senate in Illinois in 2004.

Via Deadspin, but that’s the message: Mike Ditka knows that he should have run for Senate in 2004. He so totally knows. He’s kind of sorry about not doing that.

And even though it’s Deadspin, this is true:

I’m not saying someone should write a sequel to The Man in the High Castle set in an alternate universe where Mike Ditka became president, but I’m totally saying it.

Although why anybody would consider this a dystopia is… oh, right.  Deadspin.  Which is to say, Gawker.

Moe Lane