Don’t quit your day job, Mike Huckabee.

I mean that literally.  I got nothing in particular against the man, but

Breaking: Mike Huckabee‘s final “Huckabee” will air tonight, TVNewser has learned. Huckabee will announce on his show that he is parting ways with Fox News as he explores the possibility of a presidential run. The show was taped at Fox News studios in Manhattan this evening and will air tonight at 8pmET.

…we’re good for Presidential candidates already, thanks.  When was the last time this guy was in office, anyway? 2007, right?  Hate to break it to people, but a line of more qualified candidates has already formed. 2012 was probably the man’s best year for this sort of thing.

No, @GovMikeHuckabee: do not run for President.

Since he is asking. He will have been out of office for a decade by the time 2016 rolls around; we will have a good number of Republican governors who are, frankly, fresher than Mike Huckabee would be at that point.

I normally would suggest that Huckabee run for governor again; but Arkansas has term limits with a vengeance. I don’t have any advice for him, sorry.