#rsrh”Are you better off than you were last year?”

I wish that the problem was still mild enough that it could only be detected over four years.

If you are, then you’re probably not one of the 129K former American millionaires who lost that status in 2011.  As Walter Russell Mead snarks: “4.3 percent of US households still qualify as millionaires by that measure, but OWS partisans shouldn’t despair. Perhaps with another few years of stock market declines, slow or negative economic growth and low interest rates we can take another big whack out of that number.”  It’s a nice morning, so let me cut to the chase and direct my next comments to progressives generally: making the rest of us smaller won’t make you people any bigger.  And – drilling down my focus to the aforementioned OWS – throwing rocks at bank windows and excreting on police cars won’t actually make Mommy and Daddy love you.

So get some freaking therapy, already.

Moe Lane

(Via Instapundit)