Gun-Grabbing Delegate Joseph Morrissey (D, Virginia) extends the scope of said grabbing.

(Via @JohnCardillo) This gets the coveted lolwhut: “Democratic Virginia state delegate Joseph Morrissey, who reached a plea agreement for charges relating to a sexual relationship he had with his 17-year-old office assistant, is yet to decide whether he will resign or commute to work from jail.” Delegate Morrissey – who is 57, and loudly denying the paternity of the child that said office assistant is currently carrying – got a year plus six months suspended for ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor.’  So now he has to decide whether he’s going to keep working… Continue reading Gun-Grabbing Delegate Joseph Morrissey (D, Virginia) extends the scope of said grabbing.

Rothman chief of staff arrested on child solicitation charges.

Yesterday the report came out that Bob Decheine, chief of staff for Rep. Steve Rothman (D, NJ), had been abruptly fired.  This came as a bit of a surprise, as Decheine has been a notable figure in NJ Democratic politics: he was a senior adviser to the Obama campaign in 2008, and as Rothman’s CoS had just shepherded his boss to another win in Congress, by fair means or foul.  In other words, a bit of a surprise, no?  Turns out Decheine got arrested last week for soliciting sex from a minor.  It was a sting operation, which means that – thank God – no kids were hurt by this guy.

This time: because unless we’re really, really lucky this creep* has been doing this for a while.  So now would be a good time for people to come forward with any evidence that they might have about this Decheine’s past activities.  Because if it turns out that there’s a history that those people didn’t talk about… well.  The longer it stays hidden, the worse it’ll smell when it’s exhumed.

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*If Rothman’s office is treating this accusation as fully justified and incontestable – and an instant-firing qualifies for that descriptor – then why shouldn’t I?

PS: More details here.