Group Seed: Mizra Computing.

Mizra Computing

HQ: Poughkeepsie, New York; satellite offices in NYC, San Francisco, Oak Ridge

Staff: 500

Ostensible purpose: high-end computer repair

Actual purpose: permanent interdimensional refuge

While the company was founded in 1967, Mizra Computing actually came into existence in April of 2006 as part of an interdimensional… something. Not exactly a planar shift, not really a temporal alteration; more like the universe itself temporarily flickered into a new, distinctly more unpleasant, form.  In that one endless moment of the Flicker, the individuals who would go on to have always been Mizra Computing’s management and staff attempted to somehow anchor themselves so that when the Flicker was over, they would remain in our ‘reality.’  And it worked, to the point where the universe itself created new identities and histories for its new immigrants.

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