:mumbling: So, I’m gonna go see MOONFALL Saturday.

I know, I know… I was skeptical about MOONFALL. I still am, sort of. But it looks really, really, gloriously dumb, and I could use that. Beer + chicken sandwich + movie = rest and relaxation, and I’m signing up for a dose for Saturday. Rotten Tomatoes is arguing that people’s reactions to MOONFALL will depend on how well they can tolerate B-movie cheese, and right now I feel like having a whole wheel of the stuff.

The MOONFALL Teaser trailer.

I am trying my damndest to give MOONFALL the same elementary courtesy that I would, say, EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS. To wit: I am trying not to get too worked up over the fact that the science in this flick is not so much wonky as it is virtually nonexistent. We’ve made inaccurate space movies for almost a century now. What’s one more?

It’s still just a little bit hard, though.

GeekTyrant inadvertently disappoints me about MOONFALL.

It’s not exactly GeekTyrant’s fault. They made an announcement about MOONFALL (short version: moon’s orbit starts decaying, but apparently there’s something that a disgraced astronaut can do about it besides having one last really good meal*) – but they used a still from MIDWAY to illustrate the article, so for a moment I thought we were getting some kind of 1950s-style atomic horror piece involving experimental spaceplanes or something. Or maybe alternate raypunk.


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Quote of the Day, News About Moonfall, Ah, *Drops* edition.

Oh, dear:

Just before ID4-2 bows, Universal has closed a deal (per Deadline)with Roland Emmerich to keep his disaster movie streak going with MOONFALL. I’ll give you two guesses as to what the movie’s about based on the title.

Oh, to be able to go back in time to the 1950s and give the B-movie Atomic Horror film companies access to really, really good CGI.  What magnificent schlock they would produce!  It would be a Radium Age of cinema…