Yeeeeah I don’t know if there’s gonna be a MORBIUS sequel.

The movie is currently bombing. We’ll get Morbius showing up in a future Spider-Man flick, but… “Adria Arjona teased Martine Bancroft’s role in Morbius’ potential sequel now that [SPOILER*].” …let’s just say that the secondary characters don’t have a very good chance of ever being seen again.

Which is a shame. There was eighty percent of a good movie in there. They just needed to get the hero and villain set up with the same incident, preferably in the first ten minutes of the film, then used all that time saved to make the love interest really creepy-obsessed with vampires. And they should’ve ditched the post-credit scenes, too. People felt they made no sense, and people knew what they were talking about.

Moe Lane

*SPOILER because I didn’t realize that event was what happened until the article told me, and I watched the damned movie.


My mini-review of MORBIUS.

Short version: …ehh, I’m not sorry I watched it.

Slightly longer version: I totally understand why the critics hated MORBIUS. It’s a formulaic popcorn movie with a slightly rushed and weak ending. They should have made the love interest a hell of a lot more unnervingly chill about her dude becoming a blood-sucking half-vampire. And the end credits made precisely zero sense.

But, honestly, Jared Leto makes a good Morbius and that’s all you need for future ensemble movies, anyway. I like going to movies. I don’t begrudge the time watching this. That will, as they say, have to do.

I don’t care, I’m seeing MORBIUS tomorrow anyway.

I know that the critics hate MORBIUS. I mean, really really hate it. But the audience is giving it a much better, and even decent score; and it’s doing all right in previews revenue. It has been a ridiculously long week, and I want to watch a popcorn movie. I don’t need it to be ARRIVAL, just something that will let me turn off my brain for a few hours.


The final MORBIUS trailer.

I dunno. Looks fun, but origin movies can be exasperating.

People pooh-pooh the Ed Norton HULK, but I genuinely enjoyed how they put the entire origin in the opening credits and then went on with the film We didn’t need much backstory for BLADE, either – or miss its absence. People can usually figure it out as they go along.

MORBIUS comes out April 1st. I’ll probably see it, of course. It’s my kind of flick.


The ‘Sony Will Not Go Gently Into That Good Night’ MORBIUS trailer.

MORBIUS… does not look bad. Sony’s got a decent hand, here – they have Spider-Man, and now Venom – and they’re going to leverage that as much as they can. For that matter: Jared Leto looks a lot more believable as Morbius than he did the Joker, although that simply may be because the Joker’s a far more well-known villain. For all I know Leto’s taking Morbius in a completely different direction; but only people who have the comic will know, or particularly care.

Anyway: I figure I’ll be seeing this one in theaters.