Books for the USO are away!

Background: we had a dude asking for books…

…and, since I should toss more into soldier-related charities anyway, I packed some of my novels* and sent them along. If you’re an independent author yourself, you should maybe think about doing this, too. Bread on the waters, and all that.

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Ooh, getting my copies of COVENANTS in early.

Covenants: Four Tales of Agreements is my latest chapbook, of course; and I took the opportunity to order more of them, since I had to restock my copies of MORGAN BAROD for the Maryland Renn Faire. I’ve heard words that now is a good time to restock your inventories. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but I should have enough stock on hand to handle my upcoming conventions…


MORGAN BAROD is now on sale, and up at Bargain Booksy!

The two conditions are, as they say, not unrelated. I’d like to note so far that Written Word Media (the company running this promotion) have been aboveboard and professional with me throughout the process: I don’t know how many books I’m gonna sell, but so far, no complaints. Certainly Amazon Ads aren’t doing a dang thing for me…



Trying some new advertising venues.

I’m using MORGAN BAROD as the test bed for them; it’s self-contained, reasonably conventional, and I haven’t done a Kindle deal in a year for it. I’m not really convinced that I’ll end up making money on the original advertising, but I think that generally I can get people to keep reading me once they start reading me. Besides, I can claim advertising as a business expense on my taxes.

That sale is scheduled for July 1st. We’ll see how it goes.


Well, the weather seems to be behaving for tomorrow.

No rain, and below eighty degrees. I can work with that. The real question is, will I die from embarrassment and shame at how neo-SCAdian MORGAN BAROD is? I mean, it’s much more Eastrealm* than Atlantian**, but surely somebody will notice…

On the other hand, my wife and I are mostly just taking a day together in the fresh air; hanging out, seeing people, and hopefully clearing out some of our spare gear and stuff. I’m not scheduled to do anything, and that suits me just fine. I gotta do a working event later in the year, so let everybody else run around tomorrow for a change.

*Basically, the Mid-Atlantic Coast from Delaware to New England.

**Basically, the Mid-Atlantic Coast from Maryland to Georgia.

Gonna try to vendor again this weekend.

My wife and I have an SCA event, and Lord knows MORGAN BAROD is exceptionally SCA-friendly. So much so, I’m mildly surprised nobody I know personally has ever called me on it. I put a lot of people’s grandkids in that book. My wife’s just going to sell some of her jewelry, to make room in the house so that she can make more jewelry. It should be a thing.

Anyway: I hope it doesn’t rain this time!


Looks like I’ll be signing books at the MD Renn Faire on September 10, 2023.

That’s Celtic Weekend, so I should probably pack the green Sharpie. I’ll be primarily selling MORGAN BAROD, because I figure that post-apocalyptic sword and sorcery is a better fit for a Renn Faire than post-apocalyptic high urban fantasy pulp detective, but I probably will have a few of those along as well. Anyway, I’ll be signing at Page After Page (at the Maryland Renn Faire) on September 10th, so stop on by! And if you can’t make it… well, there’s always Amazon.

@spoonflower did a good job, here.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: the week I’ve had, I’ve been expecting this printing on canvas by Spoonflower to get screwed up, somehow. The proportions would be off, or it’d actually only be three inches long, or they’d only do one corner of the picture. But the printing arrived today, and it looks exactly like what I wanted to get:


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