Our long national nightmare is over: there will be a Boba Fett movie.

Rejoice: “James Mangold is writing and will direct a Star Wars standalone movie centered on Boba Fett, the feared bounty hunter and fan favorite character, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned.”  Guess they ran the likely numbers for Solo this weekend* and realized that, hey, this was a doable project. Or Disney has a checklist, and it’s Reveal The Next Movies time. Probably the last movie of the trilogy, the Boba Fett flick, and then the Kenobi standalone.

I would not object to a neo-Western/samurai Ben Kenobi flick, honestly.  It would have a certain appeal.  And it’s likely to be able to sustain a couple of titles, too. Continue reading Our long national nightmare is over: there will be a Boba Fett movie.

This ‘Bright’ modern fantasy Netflix cop movie looks promising.

Largely because of this:

Likened to [David] Ayer’s own End of Watch, Bright takes place in a world that blends contemporary reality with a fantasy realm. The story follows an Orc cop ([Joel] Edgerton) who is partnered with a human cop ([Will] Smith). Their ordinary beat takes a decidedly unordinary turn when they wind up coming into the possession of a massively powerful (and highly illegal) weapon: a magic wand.

…OK, yeah. Orc/Human buddy cop flick set in modern LA?  Gonna be on Netflix?  This sounds intriguing. I don’t want to jump up and down in glee, or anything – you get burned a lot when it comes to fantasy-themed films – but if they can pull it off it should be a hoot. I look forward to watching it when it’s done.

My thoughts on a Missile Command or Centiped movie: …STOP IT.


Some classic Atari video games are heading to the big screen as Deadline today brings word that both Missile Command and Centipede movies are in development thanks to a new partnership with Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films.

Missile Command I could maybe justi… no. No, there’s no justification for either movie. This is stupid.  Somebody should be fired and made to go work in another field over this.  And the same should happen to whoever hired that person in the first place. Time for a little shared responsibility around here.


Yeah, I know: that seems like a bit much. I dunno: maybe I’m just appalled by this?  I mean, how many arcade video game movies have to implode before we stop making them?

So, yeah, Dragonriders of Pern flick.

That’s gonna be interesting.

Warner Bros. has, according to a story at Deadline, secured the big screen rights to Anne McCaffrey’s classic fantasy series, Dragonriders of Pern. The 22-book series will serve as the basis for a feature film that aims to launch a new franchise.

“Dragonflight,” the first in the series of novels, follows an elite group of warriors who take to the skies on the backs of giant, fire-breathing, telepathic dragons to save the wondrously exotic planet of Pern from a terrifying airborne menace.

Particularly since the books were… well, there’s some somewhat unusual stuff in them, as I recall. From what I recall, this was science fiction, not fantasy: and the overall plot of the series is not exactly a good fit for a standard action-adventure format. Still, dragons. Continue reading So, yeah, Dragonriders of Pern flick.

“Calvin & Hobbes: the Movie” trailer.

Yes, I am a bad man who made you click the link.  But look on the bright side:

This movie would not suck.  It could, in point of fact, be a kick-ass indy film that could say some very interesting things about how we come to terms with our childhood thoughts, dreams, and fears.  You could get people coming into the theaters who normally don’t go to indy movies.  You could make your money back on this film.

So I don’t feel guilty.  Neener neener.

Moe Lane

“Why, this is Hell…”

“…nor am I out of it.”

Sony Pictures Animation has closed a deal to acquire rights to the classic 1980s TV sitcom ALF and will develop the property into a CG-live action hybrid feature.

I believe that this is in fact the sign for all of us to flee into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

Via Ace of Spades HQ Headlines.