There should be a word for ‘blustering cowardice.’ Hmm. ‘Graysonian?’

In a previous post I wrote some unkind (note: not ‘inaccurate’) words about Jon Corzine, and how he’s not being especially brave this election cycle. Of course, given that this guy (Rep. Alan Grayson, D-FL) is held up as a standard for speaking-truth-to-power among the Left, maybe that’s not so surprising:

That was taken from a larger clip done by O’Reilly and improved with several stills showing politicians from both parties doing precisely what Alan Grayson is whining that nobody expects him to do: answer questions in the hallway, just as if he was a regular human being and everything. You’d think that a guy who’s trying to make a buck off of his supposed tough-guy image would be eager to appear on a show like O’Reilly and take the fight to Fox; then again, that would assume that you believed that said tough-guy image was actually true to begin with.

No wonder that Central Floridan activists have already created a site dedicated to getting rid of him next year (H/T: the Orlando Sentinel).  Normally, this sort of thing waits until there’s an actual candidate for opposition to coalesce around; then again, normally sitting Congressmen don’t call female civil servants ‘K Street whores.’

Moe Lane

PS: You know, Grayson: you weren’t the only person in the universe who was always picked last for dodgeball. It’s just that the rest of us mostly got over it in college.

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