NaNoWriMo 2021 has begun!

This year I’ll be turning my novella GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND into an actual novel. It needs it, honestly. I also think that it gets to be the manuscript I send out to be endlessly rejected and/or brandish when somebody asks me, Do you have a novel available? I mean, I could self-publish it, but I don’t make enough to hope to publish more than one novel a year*.

Anyway, this one is not in the world of the Fermi Resolution. But keep an eye out for a possible fun thing associated with next year’s Kickstarter…

*Speaking off…

Hey, I put the first draft of PROJECT SHIVA up on Patreon.

PROJECT SHIVA was my first NaNoWriMo, and then I promptly put it in a box. But I am apparently doing my best to avoid working on TINSEL RAIN this week; so I got a powerful urge today to take the text, convert it to Scrivener, and put the PDF of the first draft up on Patreon, just for fun. It’s about half the size that it should be and needs a rewrite or three, but if you’re a Patron: enjoy!

If not…


If I write the book this summer, do I really need to do NaNoWriMo?

I mean, the point of NaNoWriMo is to write the book*. If I’ve already written it while I’m waiting for people to get back to me with edits for other books, do I really need to do it again? I mean, I’ve already got at least three books on the publishing schedule for this month. That takes up time.

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Day 29, TINSEL RAIN NaNoWriMo: 60027/60000.

It’s done.

Ha. Haha! HAhhaHAHA! IT’S DONE! Oh, it’s not a real book yet. It’s got twenty thousand words’ worth of connective tissue to establish and more characterization to develop and there’s a plot hole or three to fix and at least one scene to write, but: 60000 words! I made it! With a day to spare!

:twitch: :twitch:


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