In the e-mail: THE LAST GRADUATE (The Scholomance Book 2)

Naomi Novik’s THE LAST GRADUATE dropped at midnight last night, and that’s a real problem for me. No, really: I have stuff I have to do today. I really shouldn’t try to squeeze it in.

But I will.

Moe Lane

PS: What’s it about? Oh, it’s part of a series about a magical school that’s horrible in every way, but the kids go because the alternatives are all worse. Novik’s a brilliant writer, and this is an excellent series: I can’t wait to hear this year’s excuse as to why they won’t give her a Hugo.

There’s a Jane Austen MMO (@naominovik, call your agent)…

…and Ever, Jane looks like it does what Austen readers want it to:

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Book of the Week: Golden Age and Other Stories.

Golden Age and Other Stories is Naomi Novik’s collection of stories from her Temeraire series. It’s an interesting collection of alternate takes, short vignettes, and “Dragons and Decorum,” which is absolutely worth the six bucks to any of my readers who enjoy both Napeolonic Wars stories involving dragons AND the works of Jane Austen.  …Yes, that story is exactly what you think that it is, and my only problem with it is that it is far too short*.

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Coming in August: “Golden Age and Other Stories” by Naomi Novik.

“Golden Age and Other Stories” is, as you might suspect, set in Naomi Novik’s Napoleonic-war-with-dragons Temeraire series.  She’s done a bunch of short stories, set in a variety of settings and using different viewpoint characters – which will no doubt please whoever it is out there who is desperately trying to negotiate the roleplaying game rights.  Which there must be. It seems a no-brainer.

More info here. I’d order the leather-bound, signed copy, except that it’s a bit rich for my blood these days. Ach, well, the $25 version can be read just as easily.

In the Mail: League of Dragons.

Naomi Novik’s last alt-history-Napoleonic-War-with-combat-dragons Temeraire novel. Dammit.  I remember when the series first came out: they dropped at least the first two books, and maybe the first three, all at the same time.  Gutsy move, but it worked: I read the first one, rushed back to the store to get the next one(s) – then realized, horrified, that I was going to have to wait for more Temeraire books from here on out.

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