In the Mail: THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES (Hardcover).

Sure I had Naomi Novik’s THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES downloaded to my phone within an hour of it being released, but I wanted the hardcover. You know, in case the power ever goes out and doesn’t come back on again. Or, more prosaically, if Kindle ever goes out of business.

Also, I wanted the maps. Kindle doesn’t really handle maps well.


A point of order on Naomi Novik’s Scholomance series.

To wit: Naomi Novik’s Scholomance series is not evocative of “Those Who Walk Away From Omelas.” It is a rejection (whether intended or not) of Le Guin’s malignant thesis that the only options when confronting evil is to either just live with it, or else flee from its power*. There’s always the choice to fight back.

Okay, I’ll get off this soapbox now.

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Book of the Week: THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES [Scholomance, Book 3].

Like this was a surprise, really. I’ve already read Naomi Novik’s THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES two and a half times and it came out five days ago. Now I’m going to read the whole series over again, and see how the clues in the first two books led to the three. What else really needs to be said, here.

Further commentary – none of it directed at Ms. Novik – has been deleted as being perhaps a bit… inflammatory.

Moe Lane

Posting may be weird tomorrow on account of THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES.

Seeing as I am anxiously watching the clock until Amazon auto-delivers Naomi Novik’s THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES* to my phone. It’s not that I’ve been waiting for this damn book for an entire year. Oh, no. I’ve been waiting for this damn book for two years, because I knew going in that I’d be buying the whole damn Scholomance series as soon as it came out.

So, there’s that.

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In the Mail: THE LAST GRADUATE (Hardcover).

Yeah, I know: I already had the digital version of THE LAST GRADUATE. That’s how it works: I buy the Kindle book in this series because then I can read it at 12:00:01 AM, the night it comes out. And then, at some point, I go and get the hardcover version so that I can have it in the family library for the rest of time. The Scholomance series is just that good. I begrudge sleep when it comes to wolfing those books down for the first time.

Moe Lane


PS: Magical school where the survival rate is 25%, but teenaged mages sign up anyway because all the other options are all so, so much worse. Our heroine is El; and oh, but does she hate being called that. Not that anyone would dare. I would not let her join my adventuring party; I would, instead, humbly ask to join hers.

In the e-mail: THE LAST GRADUATE (The Scholomance Book 2)

Naomi Novik’s THE LAST GRADUATE dropped at midnight last night, and that’s a real problem for me. No, really: I have stuff I have to do today. I really shouldn’t try to squeeze it in.

But I will.

Moe Lane

PS: What’s it about? Oh, it’s part of a series about a magical school that’s horrible in every way, but the kids go because the alternatives are all worse. Novik’s a brilliant writer, and this is an excellent series: I can’t wait to hear this year’s excuse as to why they won’t give her a Hugo.