Rachel Maddow, neocon.

Just as a reminder: I’m a neocon myself.

Of course I wrote  that with malice aforethought.  What’s the point of this gig if I can’t insert a needle here or there? That doesn’t detract from the slightly dark humor coming from this appearance of Maddow on MSNBC *:

Rachel Maddow made a rare daytime appearance on MSNBC Wednesday, sitting down with Ezra Klein, who was filling in for Alex Wagner, to talk about the possibility of a Congressional vote to authorize airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Referring a report from The Hill quoting unnamed aides on the Left who don’t want Congress to vote on the issue, Maddow diagnosed a severe case of “Democratic wuss-itude.”

The Hill quoted anonymous sources, who said it would be politically “stupid” for Obama to put Democratic Congress members in the position of having to vote for military action in Syria or Iraq. Sen.Tim Kaine (D-VA), who been pushing for vote, said, “The notion of, ‘Well, we don’t want to cast a hard vote before a midterm because it might be unpopular,’ that’s the job we volunteered for.”

Maddow imitated Congress’ position on the matter, saying, “Please let us keep complaining from the peanut gallery and throwing stuff. Please don’t actually make us be the decision makers on this, which the Constitution says we ought to be.”

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#rsrh For the record? This sentiment is not true. #p2

I understand that, superficially, this makes sense:

…and @ExJon certainly has the right idea, which is to tick off the netrooters currently seething over their completely predictable and quite deserved betrayal.  But Barack Obama is not a neoconservative.  You see, the last eight years have left us to expect a level of competence at foreign affairs that the current President is simply not capable of maintaining reliably.  At best, he’s a stopgap that we’ll just have to tolerate until such time as the adults are back in charge.

Just wanted to mention that for the record.

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