Tweet of the Day, The Netroots Doesn’t Win Enough To Deserve That Comparison edition.

One small problem with this analogy:

…the tea party folks actually win elections.  Frustrated as our grassroots may be with the federal results sometimes*, on the state level things are going rather nicely for conservative activists right now.  Which suggests that, perhaps, the universes are a little less parallel than either Barney Frank or the Democratic party would care to admit. Continue reading Tweet of the Day, The Netroots Doesn’t Win Enough To Deserve That Comparison edition.

The Daily Beast: RIP, Netroots (2001-2012).

This is going to be the funniest goram thing that you read all day:

Netroots Bloggers Mark 10th Birthday in Decline and Struggling for Survival

What began 10 years ago as a network of progressive bloggers offering a voice they thought missing from the mainstream press has all but disappeared as a force in the Democratic Party, David Freelander reports.

At least, if you’re somebody like me.  And sometimes these posts get to be just for somebody like me.  I don’t think that this is an unreasonable desire, yes?

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Why there is no left-populist movement.

Peter Beinart doesn’t understand why the Tea Party gets to be the populist movement transforming American politics, instead of whatever latest cargo cult on the Left is these days.  In the spirit of bipartisanship – with ‘bipartisanship’ being defined as ‘kicking progressives in the teeth for the amusement of the crowd’ – I shall deign to explain things for him, hardline progressives, and everyone else with cognitive disabilities.

Yes, this is going to be one of those kinds of posts. Continue reading Why there is no left-populist movement.

Netroots: ignoring, or impotent?

This is entertaining

Liberals could face major losses if they continue to ignore the Tea Party movement, a panel of progressive writers said Thursday during a discussion at NetrootsNation, an annual gathering of bloggers, activists and policy makers.

The panelists, which included well-known authors David Neiwert and John Amato of, warned that regardless of whether people have negative attitudes toward the Tea Party, progressives could lose their footing unless they mobilize their own base and treat the right-wing movement as a force to be reckoned with.

…but ultimately pointless: the netroots have already mobilized their base.  A large portion of it is in Las Vegas right now resolutely ignoring the Blanche Lincoln Lesson*, and the rest of it is bitterly at home producing the political pornography which is the netroots’ reason for existence.  As for the consumers of that pornography… well.  They’re already engaged in the struggle through said consumption: what more can people reasonably expect of them? Continue reading Netroots: ignoring, or impotent?

DSCC spends netroots money… against netroots.

We already knew that the DSCC had dropped $1 million on keeping the netroot’s candidate down in Ohio: now comes word that they’re doing something similar in Pennsylvania.

The DSCC is spending a significant amount of money to ensure a former GOP Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) wins his May 18 primary, sources with knowledge of the move tell Hotline OnCall.

One source said the DSCC is using coordinated funds to help Specter keep a robust TV presence. Ads that tout Specter’s candidacy now say they are paid for by the DSCC; last week, the disclaimers on the same ads indicated Specter’s campaign had paid for them.

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Rahm Emanuel is right not to worry.

I have to disagree with RS McCain on this one: Emanuel may not be telling the truth on the passage of health care rationing, but he’s correct in dismissing the netroots.

Turn off MSNBC. Tune out Howard Dean and Keith Olbermann. The White House has its liberal wing in hand on health care, says White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.


The comments may not endear the powerful White House chief of staff to liberal activists, furious that Senate Democratic leaders, at Emanuel’s urging, cut a deal with Sen. Joe Lieberman to drop a federally run insurance policy option, then eliminate a Medicare buy-in proposal.

I’ve been involved with the political blogosphere since 2002 or so, and the next time I see the left side of its leadership stand up to entrenched Democratic party interests over something important will be the first. Compare their usual wish list with what they get; and consider that examples of the discrepancy go all the way back to 2004, and John Kerry’s nomination. Put another way: if they swallowed heavily and accepted being betrayed on FISA/rendition/same-sex marriage, they’ll accept whatever monstrosity that the current ruling party comes up with with regard to health care rationing.

Not that I’m suggesting either way that health care rationing will pass or fail, mind you; merely that its passage or failure to pass is going to be independent of the netroot’s collective opinion on the matter.

Moe Lane

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Netroot Advertising and the sense of entitlement.

Both Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy and James Rummel of Chicago Boyz (via Instapundit) have weighed in on the Great Lefty Netroot Querulously Outstretched Hands Scandal – yes, the name needs work – and I thought that I’d just combine my commentary on both.  First, Eugene was right to note that there’s something a little odd about demanding advertising from an organization just because you’re using them as a resource… oh, did I just type that out?

Silly me; that’s the dirty little secret that the Lefty blogs don’t really want to talk about (although Rummel will, and does).  What the Online Left sells to its readership is relevance: at least, at the top levels – which is really the level that matters on that side.  When you read them, you’re reading a site that’s connected.  You have access… or, at least, you’re reading someone who has access; and that person swears and makes rude statements, so you know that you’re not reading just some pundit.  No, you’re reading someone who is a gateway between you, and the people who matter.
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