No Labels (remember them?) quietly starting to suck up to the GOP.

I should be appalled at the sight of a notoriously faux-disinterested group like No Labels behaving in such a shamelessly sycophantic fashion:

“Should the balance of power in the U.S. Senate flip following the 2014 midterm elections and Republicans gain control, No Labels sees an opportunity to bridge the gap between Congress and the White House,” the document reads in its “Break Through Strategy” section. “With Republicans holding control of both chambers in Congress and a Democrat in the White House, the likelihood of gridlock will be higher than ever before.

“We have already begun back door conversations with Senate leaders to discuss this increasingly likely scenario,” the document continues.


…to openly discuss its role in a future, hypothetical Republican-led Congress is especially unusual, given that of the 10 senators who belong to No Labels, three — Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mark Warner of Virginia — are embroiled in difficult re-election races and might have to lose in order for the GOP to take back the Senate.

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#rsrh Amusing: even while slamming ‘No Labels…’

Slate manages to call into question Republican/conservative motivations (apparently, the Right doesn’t really despise pornoscanners and health care rationing), but not Democratic/liberal ones. I swear to God, it’s like these people can’t help themselves.  All Christopher Beam had to do was avoid making a cheap shot for one article and he would have been golden.  But he couldn’t hold it together for long enough.

Depressing, in its way.

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Moe Lane

PS: One thing that a lot of people in the Middle forget about defaulting to trying to find ‘bipartisan’ solutions to problems is that such a stance assumes that a partisan solution is always going to be, at best, suboptimal.  Which is nonsense.

Bloomberg’s ‘No Labels’ group rips off graphic artist.

It was my first intention to cheerfully ignore the quote-unquote ‘No Labels’ movement, given that it is yet another iteration of what is a peculiarly American phenomenon.  You see, you get these rich liberals who decide that since the political system is clearly controlled by a shadowy cabal of elites, surely they’d be candidates for membership as the Secret Masters of the Democratic party; then, when they discover that their role is actually to be sheep to be shorn for the benefit of public sector union bosses and government apparatchiks – and that the Republican party insists that their elites actually like America – they get quite huffy and start their own ‘nonpartisan’ little clique.  And so we see here with ‘No labels:’ you can tell that it’s ‘nonpartisan’ because they’ve got Republicans in it, too!  Well, except for that pesky little detail that their ‘Republicans’ can’t win elections as Republicans.  Which just makes them better Republicans, no doubt.  Pure.  Ethereal.  Safe.

But now it turns out that there’s actually a real reason to mention “No Labels:” Ben Smith reports that they stole their design from a graphic artist named Thomas PorostockyA very unhappy graphic artist – and for good reason: Mayor Bloomberg has more money than Croesus, which means that he could have easily just paid for the designs that his group stole.  But it apparently didn’t even occur to No Labels to recompense artists for their work; which makes sense, as it’s clearly not as important as electing Democrats by splitting the independent vote away from the Republicans. Continue reading Bloomberg’s ‘No Labels’ group rips off graphic artist.