@TheOnion: using dead Sikhs as political props.

Short version: Twitchy caught the typically unhinged Online Leftist reaction to the Onion’s… smear?  No, they’ll claim that it’s a parody.  Parody smear, I guess… article where they (falsely) had Michele Bachmann say that she was thankful that no “Americans” were killed in Sunday’s Oak Creek shooting.  Now, I know, I know: comedy is edgy, it’s not the Onion’s fault that the Left side of its readership consists of room-temperature IQ mouth-breathers, it’s all somehow Bachmann’s fault that the aforementioned room-temperature IQ mouth-breathers got duped, yadda yadda. I get it, truly: there’s a dark side to the First Amendment sometimes, and the Onion is currently right in the middle of it.

But here’s the thing… the six people murdered Sunday were, in fact, Americans.  I mention this because perhaps the Onion does not really in fact understand this; they have instead seemed to have taken the position that there are useful ways to mine the attack in a fashion that just happens to be in line with a favorite Democratic party narrative.  In other words: while I recognize that the attack is being politicized in precisely the fashion being described hereContinue reading @TheOnion: using dead Sikhs as political props.