Barack Obama’s #Obamacare Obamabubble, in under 140 characters.

To quote the physicists: this… is not even wrong.


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#obamacare and the ongoing death rattle of the technocratic ideal.

Megan McArdle notes something:

…Obamacare’s biggest problem, as I have written, was that the architects of the law demanded an enormously ambitious software project on an impossibly hubristic deadline. Whatever slim chance this had of working was ultimately doomed — not by Republicans, but by the administration’s own paranoid and self-destructive decisions to manage a software project as if it were a top-secret campaign strategy rather than a mission-critical component of the most ambitious federal entitlement expansion in almost 50 years.

Remember that when Cutler wrote that devastating memo, Democrats still had control of both houses of Congress. The administration failed to rectify the shortcomings he identified because it did not understand that making a program happen is very different from writing out a description of it.

The administration did not refuse to issue key regulations and guidelines, or to announce the final number of states that would be building their own exchanges, because Republicans used secret mind-control rays or stole the notebooks they had used to write the draft memo. They delayed because they did not want Republicans to be able to tell the public about them before Barack Obama was safely re-elected to a second term. Continue reading #obamacare and the ongoing death rattle of the technocratic ideal.

Tweet of the Day, Nah, @BarackObama’s A Technocrat edition.

Which is like being a liberal, only far less competent*.

Moe Lane

*Actually, quite a bit of the art, music, literature, and architecture that I like and respect comes from liberals. They just can’t govern worth a tinker’s dam, that’s all.