#rsrh Boston sets midnight deadline for Occupy Boston.

Yesterday a Bostonian court decided that the Occupiers’ occupation was not in fact protected by the First Amendment; today Boston mayor Thomas Menino lowered the boom.  The Occupiers have until midnight to disperse their illegal encampment, or the city of Boston will do the dispersal for them.  It’s yet to be determined whether they’re going to go quietly; although that may be more to do with the Occupiers’ inability to actually do anything useful with their time than anything else.

Which is probably why Democrats across the land have decided to gut the Occupy movement.  You simply can’t get these people to accomplish anything.  They apparently can’t even elect progressive candidates to Congress; at least, they’re showing no signs of moving in that direction (unlike, say, the Tea Party).

#rsrh “Defamate,” #OWS? Is that, like, “Defecate?”

Because we know those guys like to do that in public, too.  Particularly when it comes to police cars.

Sorry: this particular bit of mangled vocabulary was from the spokesman for Occupy Boston, who is gamely trying to explain why his group shouldn’t be held responsible for the fact that a couple of people came out of Occupy Boston’s fetid squatters’ city to attack an uniformed Coast Guard member.  Apparently, the Collective is united in all things, except when the Collective does something vicious and stupid, whereupon the Collective abruptly shatters and you should just blame the individuals involved, not the Collective which is even now reforming…

Exit question: why the heck is it that they can never seem to find people to do these things who have an adequate grasp of Standard English?

Second exit question: I just checked Elizabeth Warren’s (rather bland and pedestrian) website, and there is no condemnation of the attack on the Coast Guard member.  Was she going to that anytime soon? – Given her support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and everything.  I mean, I don’t want to suggest that Warren takes the position that to support a goal means that you support the means to that goal, but silence does imply consent…

Does Elizabeth Warren *also* support spitting on our troops? #OWS

LITERAL spitting.

[UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers.]

I ask this because back at the beginning of October Ms. Warren seemed to be very much in favor of the entire Occupy Wall Street ‘thing.’ As the Boston Globe noted: “All of the candidates expressed support for the controversial protesters who are part of the “Occupy Boston” movement downtown.”

The question then becomes: does that support include the members of Occupy Boston who went after a Coast Guard woman in uniform today? Continue reading Does Elizabeth Warren *also* support spitting on our troops? #OWS