#rsrh @ochocinco discovers the Right’s secret recruitment weapon.

Which is, of course, the Online Left.  The short version: NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco innocently tweeted the fact that he had grabbed Glenn Beck’s new book Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure, presumably to read on a flight.  As the Blaze link shows, some of Ochocinco’s fans aren’t all that happy about it.  Which doesn’t seem to have stopped Ochocinco from reading the book.

I note this not because it’s significant now, but because it might be interesting later.  Judging from the guy’s Twitter feed, Ochocinco seems like the kind of person who isn’t shy about expressing his opinions; and right now it looks like all the shouting is just encouraging Ochocinco to finish the book (which he is reasonably enough finding interesting, even if he doesn’t actually agree with all of it).  Assuming that he likes Beck’s book, or even finds it interesting, Ochocinco may talk about this later in a more public forum*, and in the process probably say something about Glenn Beck that will not be semantically equivalent to “Glenn Beck is the spawn of Satan.”

That’s when the fun will really start.

Moe Lane

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