Oh, wow, ThinkProgress did a 2006 article on the VA healthcare system.

And it is everything that you would expect it to be.  Hold on: let me screenshot this brilliance by Matthew Yglesias (with able assistance from Mark Kleiman and Philip Longman).  You know.  Just in case there’s a sudden server malfunction, or something.


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What to take away from the debunking of MSNBC’s fake Romney WaWa ‘scandal.’

Background: Mitt Romney made a campaign speech today that used the WaWa convenience store franchise’s touch screen sandwich menu feature to make the point of how more cool and efficient the private sector is, when compared to the government.  MSNBC doctored the clip to make it look like Romney was merely astounded that we have touch screen sandwich menus now*.  Lots of people called MSNBC out on itHijinks are now going to ensue.

It’s all going to go entertainingly bad for MSNBC (and every enthusiast that uncritically believed the aforementioned doctored clip); and yes, I’m sure that everybody reading this is all broken up about that, too.  But that’s not the point!  You know what the point is?  It’s that… do you know WHY people were able to debunk the story just in time for it to embarrassingly explode all over MSNBC?  It’s because somebody in the audience was recording the speech. Continue reading What to take away from the debunking of MSNBC’s fake Romney WaWa ‘scandal.’

#rsrh So. We have Canada & Mexico mad at us. And by ‘us’ I mean ‘Barack Obama.’

Grim details here: apparently the Transcendently Evolved Intellect that has graced us with his presence in the Oval Office has insultingly provoked the Canadians because of his interference in the way that they can sell oil, while the Mexicans are infuriated at the way that the administration casually put guns into the hands of the narco-terrorists now murdering their way around northern Mexico.

Via Fausta and Instapundit: and may I add that while as a conservative I am in favor of reviving all sorts of traditions, the one about Ugly Americans was not one of them? – But don’t mind me. I’m not the President, after all: I’m instead a citizen who can find his own buttocks in a dark room with a flashlight.

Moe Lane

Update on the Scott Walker recall shenanigans.

So, let me tell you of the wickedness of the world… or, more accurately, of the abject stupidity of the anti-Scott Walker forces in Wisconsin.  Which is really not the same thing, but it at least sounds good.  Or at least jovial.

Anyway, here’s the background: the Wisconsin Left, having managed to allegedly get enough signatures to force a recall election against a governor enjoying a 51% approval rating (and this, after several years of nigh-relentless demonization) is now trying to figure out how to actually win a recall election with the schlubs, has-beens, never-weres and other political detritus that would make up their, and I use the term loosely, ‘talent pool.’  In this particular case, it doesn’t help that there’s an important fault line within the Left being revealed by events.  One the one hand, you’ve got the public sector union leadership, who are even now starting to feel the first signs of withdrawal from not being able to directly mainline mandatory union dues into their veins; on the other, there’s the actual Democratic party leadership, who are still hooked in with their source of ‘free’ money, and so are able to think more clearly. Continue reading Update on the Scott Walker recall shenanigans.

#rsrh Rick Perry ’12: “Which part of the Federal Government…”

…would you like to forget about the most?”

This is, by the way, the only right way to handle this kind of situation: admit the screwup, don’t run from it. Whether it works or not is up to the voters, but I will note for the record that at least some of the other candidates are perhaps a little too aware of their own dignity to admit to a mistake…

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Moe Lane

PS: I voted for wanting to forget about the Department of Education. Although the Marine Mammal Commission was surprisingly tempting.