So apparently the opposition to a 20 week abortion ban is about the MONEY.

I assume that you have all been horrified by this, with this being Planned Parenthood’s ‎Senior Director for Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola inadvertently confessing to organlegging and homicide. ‘Organlegging,’ for those unfamiliar with the concept, is where you sell people’s organs for money… which is blatantly illegal in this country, whether adult or (in this case)  the unborn*.  Dr. Nucatola also blithely confessed to performing partial-birth abortions, which are also illegal – and a felony. You can watch the whole thing here:

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I see that the New York Times is encouraging organlegging again.

Oh, dear.  “Why Selling Kidneys Should Be Legal.”

Yes.  Yes, by all means, let us establish that one’s internal organs have an official market value.  Let’s get to a point where Larry Niven’s “The Jigsaw Man” is even closer to segueing from dystopian science fiction to something that will give the People’s Republic of China even more ‘helpful’ ideas.  It’ll be a hoot.

For a while.  As the man says: everybody gets sick sometimes.

Via Instapundit – and I am certain that Glenn’s read that story.

The standard by which all future attack ads *must* be judged.

I know nothing about the race for New Orleans Coroner (except that yes, it is an elected position): I don’t know the participants, the issues, the truthfulness of this ad, or even whether I’m helping a Republican or a Democrat by reproducing it.


Via TPM, who couldn’t believe that that an ad where the coroner of New Orleans is being accused of selling organs actually got commercial airtime, either. But they got confirmation.

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Update on Hudson County Democratic Party Organlegging Arrests.

Some details from the story (covered here and here):

  • Yes, in fact: there was trafficking in human organs involved.  At least one individual has been brought up on charges of attempting to sell a liver.
  • The list of individuals and charges can be found here: we’re looking at conspiracy to commit extortion, money laundering, and again, at least one charge in trafficking in human organs.  There are at least two Republicans on the list; but the Hudson County Democratic Party organizational chart is probably going to end up looking like there was a sudden outbreak of the bubonic plague.
  • There is currently no indication that Governor Corzine was aware that numerous Democratic officials were allegedly involved in any conspiracy to commit extortion, money laundering, and/or trafficking in human organs.  He apparently missed it completely.
  • The FBI raided Community Affairs Commissioner (and NJ Cabinet member) Joseph Doria’s office, presumably in relation to their investigation of conspiracy to commit extortion, money laundering, and/or trafficking in human organs charges; Doria has resigned.
  • Gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie (R) is also involved in this up to his eyeballs; in the sense that he was the one that started the investigation two years ago as a… I believe the term is, ‘crusading US Attorney.’
  • An attempt to get a statement from Senator Robert Menendez (D, NJ), Hudson County Democrat and chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, was unsuccessful.  There has been no press release and/or statement made at the time that this post was written.

And that’s how it stands at the moment.

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