Yeah, @PatriotUSA76 is probably in Tijuana by now.

As Ace notes, this is irrelevant… except that it’s going to make the Left squirm and seethe like nobody’s business.  Let me tell you what I think happened:

We have here a guy.  He’s a paid political operative guy – either side; Weiner has a comprehensive list of enemies* – whose job it was to keep track and maybe push a little on Anthony Weiner.  Last week, he hit the mother-lode; the Congressman accidentally tweeted out a picture of his genitals to a nubile co-ed, and then tries to cover it up.  Our operative then proceeds to blow up the story, get it self-sustaining… and then, once Anthony Weiner is busy digging his own grave, our operative burns his Twitter account and email and walks away, whistling.  And probably with a nice bonus, too.

I like this theory because it fits the facts and doesn’t require an idiot plot: somebody got lucky, sure, but chance favors the prepared mind, right?  Best part is, this kind of cutout means that unless you figure out who ordered the political hit you’ll never be able to identify the guy who carried it out.  Unless he starts talking on his own, of course: I figure that if he’s a Democrat he’ll blab some time in 2014.  As in, after the Mayor’s election in NYC is over.

Moral of the story: don’t take a picture of your junk and then tweet it.  If you do, don’t be surprised if somebody whose only job in life is to muck up yours will use it against you.

Moe Lane

PS: If he’s one of ours he’s never going to blab.  Because if he’s one of ours then we’re going to need him for more work later.

*’PatriotUSA76′ is actually one of those handles that you see more from people trying to fake being a conservative.  I say this as a guy who is a site moderator for a large political blog.  On the other hand, ‘Dan Wolfe‘ is the low sort of pun name that somebody from my side would use…