And so dies the nonsense of a #shutdown Discharge Petition.

Not that I bought that in the first place, but still:

Representative Peter King (R., N.Y.), a vocal critic of the GOP’s conservative wing, has publicly said he would back a “clean” funding bill to end the government shutdown. But he will not back an effort from House Democrats to force a vote on one.

Peter King was never as likely to sign away his future career as Democrats inexplicably thought that he would have been; but he was one of the most likely ones. So if he’s not going to break ranks on a discharge position then it beggars belief that enough of the supposed other waverers will.  This one runs out to the end, folks.

Moe Lane

PS: The Democrats have been guessing wrong on what the GOP is going to do in response right from the start, huh?

So, the Shedite* that preys on Republican candidate’s brains…

…and make them go out and insult roughly 80% of the party seems to have jumped from Jon Huntsman to Peter King.  And thank God for that: Huntsman was actually more or less all right, before he went nuts and started screaming about the political views of the half of the country that he presumably wanted to vote for him.

King, on the other hand, is… well.  I’m sure that he will have an exciting media career ahead of him.

Moe Lane

*Oh, sorry, my bad: I’m using technical jargon.  Imaginary type of demon that invades people’s minds and makes them do more and more awful things, then jumps to another host when things get too hot.  Classic Monster In My Head, in other words.  See also the roleplaying game In Nomine… no, not Fallen: well, yes, see Fallen, but if anything ripped off anything else it was the movie ripping off the game, not the other way around.