How the Daily Kos did NOT sanitize its Weinergate coverage.

And why you should care.

It all started when I decided to drink some of the pain of the Activist Left.

I was reading Mickey Kaus – who himself is no slouch when it comes to despising the activists that have essentially destroyed his current and my former party – when he linked to this in-retrospect-unfortunate Tweet by Kos referencing dKos’ rather embarrassingly wrong conspiracy theory about what was going on with Anthony Weiner and pictures of his genitalia*. Tasty, tasty spinning of what was in the end a straightforward, if sordid situation involving a Congressman with too much of a sense of entitlement… but I kind of wanted to see some more wrongheadedness. I freely admit it: there is schadenfreude involved here; I’m not yet a Buddha.

Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of tags you can do things like search for related stories, so I clicked on the #twitterhoax tag. No entries show up. So I scroll down to the search function, punch in ‘twitterhoax,’ and discover that ‘#twitterhoax’ brings back 14 entries, and ‘twitterhoax‘ brings back 1. But none of the ‘#twitterhoax’ entries can actually be called up, while the ‘twitterhoax’ one can be. In other words, an entire set of (embarrassingly wrong) stories just happen to have had their tags not working. Continue reading How the Daily Kos did NOT sanitize its Weinergate coverage.

#rsrh Ooh, retro poster tutorial.

See, this is why a lot of my Twitter followers who accidentally subscribed to @mlane kept him – and why I do, too.  Mike Lane does a bunch of tech links every day, and every so often one of them is to something that’s darn useful.  Case in point:

Pretty, no?  Also, complete Photoshop job, and easily reproducible to people with software and any sort of eye for graphics design.  I happen to be not one of those people, but I can see where being able to make reasonably ‘retro’-looking posters quickly and cheaply might be kind of useful for, say, a Republican political campaign. Particularly the ones who are operating on the traditional shoestring budget.

Just saying.

Moe Lane

Just received the Photoshop from the Wish List!

The arrival of the Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 7 was completely unexpected, and very welcome. Now I guess I don’t have an excuse anymore for producing bad videos.

Many thanks to my benefactor, and to everybody who supports this site… which should definitely be extended to Neil Stevens, who very graciously hosts it for me on what’s essentially his own dime.  That link should let you show your appreciation for the venue…

Moe Lane

The Darth Giger gave it a run for its money, though.

I was sent an email on this Star Wars photoshop contest (supposedly the link’s on Fark).  Some pretty good, some not so much.  This one is probably the best so far:


I’d like to note for the record that the original has always kind of haunted me.  Something about the endless Friday night at 3 AM that it represents.  This, on the other hand, does not.