Book (Well, Short Story) of the Week: ‘Pickman’s Model: A Romance.’

Why Moe Lane’s “Pickman’s Model: A Romance“? Because it’s mine, it’s good, and I’m trying to push it. Every copy of it I sell (and MORGAN BAROD, later this summer) puts me ever-so-closer to being able to pay for a project I’m trying to fund. Buy the story, read it on Kindle Unlimited, do it however you like: it’s all good. I just gotta keep swinging at it, that’s all.

“Pickman’s Model: A Romance is currently #31 in 30-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads!

I have no idea if that’s meaningful, but it’s not horrible, right? Hey, it would be awesome if it hit #1, though…

Pickman’s Model: A Romance: “Richard Pickman is a Bostonian artist of the grotesque, seemingly incapable of making the simplest of human connections. But can he make one with Abigail Peters?”