Or a pie. Pumpkin, and I have no idea how it came out. I got the recipe off of a can, because we’re doing Thanksgiving dinner on our own for maybe the first time since my youngest son was born and that means we have to make everything ourselves.

So… pies! (My wife made an apple upside down thing and we’re keen to see how that’ll go, too.)


I made that cherry [strawberry] pie again, only this time I put it in a chocolate graham cracker crust.  And since I had two crusts, I took the second one and made a no-cook chocolate Jello pudding pie.  Only for that one, I used heavy whipping cream instead of milk, just because I wanted to see what happens.

I have absolutely no idea what will happen.  It’s all very exciting!

Today is a day of pie and ribs!

Gonna try out the cherry pie instructions here and the ribs suggestions here.  ‘Course, I’m a little hazy on what a dry rub really entails so I just went with the most obvious basics: kosher salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder.  It’s not fancy, but there’s nothing there that’s bad, or reacts badly with pork/each other.  I’m also gonna assume that ‘low heat’ in this context means about 200, 250 degrees until somebody tells me otherwise.

As always, I will bore you let you know about what happens next.  Should be dull interesting! …Yes, I’m kidding. People like talking about pies and ribs. Continue reading Today is a day of pie and ribs!