CMR’s David Daleiden refuses to take [Harris**] County’s slightly desperate plea deal.

The idiotic – look, you don’t arrest the whistle-blowers when they catch Planned Parenthood on tape trying to talk up their profitable baby-harvesting business, OK? – Harris County prosecutors smartly offered David Daleiden a plea deal.  He has declined.  The case goes to trial. As Steve Berman in that link sums it up:

If Daleiden were to go to trial, the videos he made along with Sandra Merritt and the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts operation would certainly enter into evidence. And they’d be found to be truthful. And Planned Parenthood officials would be subpoenaed to testify at the trial. And they’d be found to be lying.

I should also note that David Daleiden is apparently prepared to go to jail over this. If that bothers you – if you don’t like the fact that a jury could put a man in jail for twenty years because he used a fake ID in one of the few ways that society finds acceptable and even moral* – then, well, that’s why people do civil disobedience. REAL civil disobedience, not the petulant, look-at-me garbage that the Activist Left revels in.

Moe Lane

*That aside will make absolutely no sense to people who have elevated abortion to some sort of sacrament. I do not believe that these people are the majority of pro-choicers, but; there’s more of them than there used to be. It’s frankly a bit alarming.


WFB: Planned Parenthood in Ohio caught dumping babies in landfills.

Elections matter: “All three Planned Parenthood facilities in Ohio disposed of aborted fetuses in landfills, thereby violating state code, the attorney general announced Friday.”  The attorney general in question (Mike DeWine) went looking for any indication that Planned Parenthood facilities in Ohio sold harvested baby parts; thankfully, he didn’t find any evidence that it was happening in his state.  What DeWine did find, however, was that Planned Parenthood was illegally dumping aborted babies in landfills – and possibly lying to the disposal companies about it, although I’d take that quick denial from at least one disposal company in question with a grain of salt.

If you watch the WFB video of local news at the link, you’ll see that the magic word ‘injunction’ was used.  Live by the regulatory state, die by it, ye Democrats.  And maybe you should do due diligence before you start dumping aborted babies in landfills, hey?

Tweet of the day, The Answer Is “Because @PPAct Is A Democratic Crony” edition.

I mean, it’s obvious, right?

This is how you make money in crony capitalism: you know somebody who looks the other way when you pay artificially low, and sell artificially high. In this case, the government was covering both ends, and all Planned Parenthood had to do was keep the pills rolling. Great work if you can get it, huh? …And the taxpayer pays for the scam.

Texas subpoenas Planned Parenthood records from 2010 on.

Wonderful thing, a subpoena.

Texas health officials showed up at five Planned Parenthood facilities Thursday morning with subpoenas for patient and employee records, according to the clinics.

Officials with the inspector general’s office at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission went to two facilities in Houston as well as clinics in Dallas, San Antonio and Brownsville. The Brownsville center does not perform abortions.

…but the Brownsville center may have indulged in Medicaid fraud. Certainly the state of Texas thinks that the rest of Planned Parenthood may have indulged in Medicaid fraud.  And why would they think that?  Well, I don’t know: maybe it’s because back in 2013 Planned Parenthood got caught doing precisely that: Continue reading Texas subpoenas Planned Parenthood records from 2010 on.

Tweets of the Day, Witness How The Left Must Contort ITSELF Now edition.

God, it’s perfect, isn’t it?

Continue reading Tweets of the Day, Witness How The Left Must Contort ITSELF Now edition.

Planned Parenthood shadow-punches itself, squarely in the revenue stream.

They’re going to stop taking money for direct baby harvesting. …Wow. Isn’t that just swell of them?

Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it will no longer accept any reimbursement as part of its fetal tissue donation program, taking its strongest step yet to end the onslaught of conservative attacks against the group.

The group’s president Cecile Richards disclosed the policy change in a letter to the National Institutes of Health, which she said was intended to “take away any basis for attacking Planned Parenthood to advance an anti-abortion political agenda.”

The Hill goes on to fondly imagine that this ‘forces Republicans to find new lines of attack against Planned Parenthood,’ apparently in the mistaken belief that you can retroactively and unilaterally declare federal felonies to no longer be federal felonies. Also: I suppose that winning a major battle on life issues – to wit, making it much less profitable for Planned Parenthood to continue to harvest human babies – might ‘force’ us to go onto other things, in much the same way that decapitating the Soviet Union ‘forced’ the United States to go do something else besides fight the Cold War. Continue reading Planned Parenthood shadow-punches itself, squarely in the revenue stream.

If you must watch the @PPAct testimony at Congress…

…go ahead and watch it here. I’m going to probably skip [UPDATE: ‘most of’] it, because I don’t need to be told how awful this organization is. And it’d be more entertaining to watch Democrats try to squirm away from the central awfulness of this obscenity if it wasn’t quite so obscene.