#rsrh Live Action earns its corn.

Oh, it’s not the only group that has, by a long shot: but it definitely helped stiffen some spines out there when it came to today’s defunding of Planned Parenthood.  The Pence Amendment to the new [continuing resolution] has passed, 240-185; clearly the Senate is going to have a meltdown on the subject, but then… we’re already going to have one of those already, right?  Just add it to the list.

The real question is, of course, which Republican legislator gets the first formal death threat because of this.  And no, that’s not just the cough syrup talking.  The Left is gearing up to be in an ugly mood this weekend.

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Next Live Action sting video: Ohio?

If my pet theory is correct, then very possibly: Ohio legislators will be unveiling today the Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortions where a fetal heartbeat can be detected (H/T: Weasel Zippers).  This would effectively put the cap on abortions in Ohio at being absolutely no later than six weeks, and quite possibly earlier: pro-choice agitators are already simultaneously claiming that the proposed law is intolerably restrictive and that almost nobody in Ohio needs later term abortions anyway.  That these claims are at least potentially contradictory to each other is… pretty much standard for pro-choicers, actually.

At any rate, this bill has a decent chance of passing.  Ohio abruptly flipped over to full Republican control of the state government last November, with the GOP taking control of the General Assembly and the governorship (we already had the state Senate): the sponsor of the Heartbeat Bill (state representative Lynn Wachtmann) has 40 (out of 99) of her fellow-representatives already signed on.  And, of course, Governor Kasich is pro-life.  But it’s a very serious and meaningful piece of pro-life legislation; which means that there’s going to be significant push-back on it.  The question is, does Live Action have something to push back on the push-back?

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Live Action’s latest: NY and the Reproductive Health Act.

Live Action has released its latest video (unedited, full footage here), and it’s a doozy [UPDATE: this video should work, now]:

For those without video access, it’s the usual “Hi! I’m a pimp who has underaged illegal immigrant hookers! What can you guys do for me?” – and the answer, this time, is to walk the pimp through the process of vouching for said underaged illegal immigrant hookers in order to make the paperwork come out right. Because, you know, as the Planned Parenthood staffer noted: nobody checks the paperwork. Which is a very large, and exceptionally infuriating, issue: for almost forty years the pro-life movement has been told (usually snottily) that there were in fact laws and regulations that would prevent abuses of the system. Well. A law that is not enforced is not really a law at all.

Continue reading Live Action’s latest: NY and the Reproductive Health Act.

Lila Rose fights the Man.

Choice of phrase deliberate: one of the most entertaining things about today’s state of activism is that the Professional Left is just now starting to realize that they have somehow become the agents of reaction without ever quite noticing how it happened.  Lila Rose, on the other hand?  Her pro-life organization Live Action is a classic guerrilla theater operation designed to target the weaknesses of a frankly sclerotic tool of the Establishment… in this case, Planned Parenthood.  It’s not quite the same as the Sixties groups, though: the Right has never been all that interested in getting our opponents to admit that we were right and they were wrongWinning is sufficient validation, thanks.

And this is where I think that the above Christian Science Monitor article featuring Lila missed the fundamental point.  In my opinion, the CSM author approached Live Action’s program in terms of an attempt to sway public opinion; which is after all how the Activist Left always does it.  But the reason that the Left always does it that way is because the Activist Left always has to convince a majority of the American public that their ideas are correct.  The Right doesn’t have that problem in this country.  To use this specific example: Live Action doesn’t have to start by convincing people that abortion is disgusting, because people already find abortion personally disgusting.  All Live Action has to do is show that the horrid things said about abortion providers and abortion advocates are actually true. Continue reading Lila Rose fights the Man.

Thoughts on the infamous Planned Parenthood video.

RedState (among other sites) is going to be hammering this one a bit more (life issues aren’t my main patch, so I defer to my colleagues over there who do focus on such things)… but I have to say: this video is appalling on multiple levels.

I mean, where do I start? Continue reading Thoughts on the infamous Planned Parenthood video.

Ben Nelson (D) bringing everyone together!

This takes skill – but apparently Reid’s amendment is up to the task.

The National Organization of Women:

We call on all senators who consider themselves friends of women’s rights to reject the Manager’s Amendment, and if it remains, to defeat this cruelly over-compromised legislation.

Planned Parenthood apparently agrees.

National Right to Life:

NRLC will score the upcoming roll call votes on cloture on the Reid manager’s amendment, and on the underlying bill, as votes in favor of legislation to allow the federal government to subsidize private insurance plans that cover abortion on demand, to oversee multi-state plans that cover elective abortions, and to empower federal officials to mandate that private health plans cover abortions even if they do not accept subsidized enrollees, among other problems.

In addition, if the final bill produced by a House-Senate conference committee does not contain the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, NRLC will score the House and Senate votes on the conference report as votes to allow federal mandates and subsidies for coverage of elective abortion.

And Rep. Bart Stupak (D) has or has not sent out his people to talk to or not talk to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R) people. Hard to say.

If your head hurts, don’t worry about it. That’s just the Great Old Ones eating your brain.

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