Go ahead. Make another Police Academy movie.

I dare youI double-dog dare you.  I don’t know if anybody’s told the Police Academy people yet, but 1980s-style raunchy comedies are pretty much impossible to reproduce in today’s cinematic environment.  Don’t believe me? Go watch Police Academy and Police Academy 2 (the only two of the bunch that were underrated by the critics, in my opinion*), and ask yourself: who the heck would sign up for that kind of insta-kill career suicide these days? Continue reading Go ahead. Make another Police Academy movie.

They… they are doing a remake of Police Academy.

YESThat Police Academy.

New Line is looking for recruits for a relaunched “Police Academy” movie. Original producer Paul Maslansky is back for the new iteration, which has no writer or director attached.


And we’ll most probably retain the wonderful musical theme.”

‘Most probably.’ Ye gods and little fishes.  Allahpundit cannot bear to go on; but I quote Berkeley Breathed in response.