I think that I have caught something.

I had an urge to write a book today on the 2008 Democratic primary. I mean, I have a thesis. I have an idea for a rough outline. I know the subject well enough to do the research. I even have a title: Power Gaming: How the Obama campaign ganked Hillary Clinton’s nomination.

Please tell me that there are shots for this.

My cynical prediction about the Democratic primary process.

Some time in the next year or so, the rules will be quietly changed so as to ensure that the power gaming techniques used by the current President to win the Democratic nomination in 2008 cannot be used against him in 2012. It’ll be straight primaries, winner take all, no more convoluted delegate allocation methods.

Second prediction: it will be touted as a ‘reform.’

Moe Lane

PS: If this comes true, feel free to reward me as a prophet by hitting the tip jar. Heck, hit it anyway.

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