Rachel Maddow, neocon.

Just as a reminder: I’m a neocon myself.

Of course I wrote  that with malice aforethought.  What’s the point of this gig if I can’t insert a needle here or there? That doesn’t detract from the slightly dark humor coming from this appearance of Maddow on MSNBC *:

Rachel Maddow made a rare daytime appearance on MSNBC Wednesday, sitting down with Ezra Klein, who was filling in for Alex Wagner, to talk about the possibility of a Congressional vote to authorize airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Referring a report from The Hill quoting unnamed aides on the Left who don’t want Congress to vote on the issue, Maddow diagnosed a severe case of “Democratic wuss-itude.”

The Hill quoted anonymous sources, who said it would be politically “stupid” for Obama to put Democratic Congress members in the position of having to vote for military action in Syria or Iraq. Sen.Tim Kaine (D-VA), who been pushing for vote, said, “The notion of, ‘Well, we don’t want to cast a hard vote before a midterm because it might be unpopular,’ that’s the job we volunteered for.”

Maddow imitated Congress’ position on the matter, saying, “Please let us keep complaining from the peanut gallery and throwing stuff. Please don’t actually make us be the decision makers on this, which the Constitution says we ought to be.”

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#rsrh #MSNBC’s Rachel @maddow forced to retract Scott Brown plagiarism charge. [UPDATED]

Oh, this is embarrassing: apparently, a hardcore Lefty group had made the claim that incumbent Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown had plagiarized a somewhat obscure Democratic candidate for North Carolina state Senate.  If you’re asking yourself why Brown would do something like that, congratulations: you’re showing one of the traits necessary to make a go with it in New Media.  To wit, the ability to keep asking questions rather than just accept the first answer.  In this case, it turns out that the aforementioned Democratic candidate (Hi, Earline Parmon!) had ripped off Scott Brown, not the other way around*. This revelation unfortunately comes too late for Rachel Maddow, who had to post an embarrassing retraction after accusing the Senator of plagiarism.  As you can imagine, Red Mass Group** is taking a victory lap on this one.

Now, what was that brag of the mainstream media, again?  “Layers of editors and fact-checkers,” or something like that?

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Clever Rubio/Maddow ad.

Background: Marco Rubio released an ad last week – one that was pretty clever in and of itself, and possibly even ‘cheeky’ – taking advantage of Rachel Maddow being… well, Rachel Maddow (and including a cheerful invitation for people who disagreed with Rubio’s tax relief views to watch Maddow, instead). Ms. Maddow responded by giving Marco some more campaign ad fodder:

Way to make Marco’s argument for him, there: as Ed Morrissey noted, “Who knew Rachel Maddow was a Tea Partier?” – Because, really, Crist’s embrace of the current administration is doing Florida absolutely no favors.

Marco Rubio for Senate.

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Correcting Maddow: why is The Daily Howler bothering?

Of course Rachel Maddow obfuscated on Tuesday, and brazenly contradicted that obfuscation on Wednesday, Bob Somerby. Of course she pretends that she’s putting people on the griddle. And of course she’s going to keep doing it. That’s because she’s making political porn, Bob. Exceptionally niche fetish porn – as witnessed by MSNBC’s ratings – yes; but porn nonetheless.

And you’re reviewing it, which in some ways is even funnier.

Moe Lane

PS: I dunno.  What does commenting on this commentary say about me, Glenn Reynolds, Tom Maguire, and Ed Driscoll?  Aside from the fact that apparently it’s raining where they are, too.

PPS: Actually, if I wanted to make Worst Person In The World I’d continue in this vein by writing a sentence that included the words “Keith Olbermann” and “gimp mask.” Because goodness knows; Olbermann’s worse.

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